Week 13 Travel Update From Warsaw, Poland

Wow… Can you believe we’ve been traveling for more than 90 days and our time overseas has come to an end? It feels like a strange mix of “We’ve been traveling forever!”, and “It seems like we just left yesterday!”

We are officially back in the US and on our way back to having a “normal life”. Although what was normal before our trip will no doubt be very different since we are married now and our baby girl will arrive in just two months.

Our last week traveling abroad was spent in Warsaw, Poland. Our original itinerary called for a week in Iceland, but our budget ran out and we didn’t want to rush a place like that, so we decided to save it for another time.

The week was mostly spent between the CrossFit gym that was close to our Airbnb and bouncing around from one incredible vegan restaurant to another with very little excitement in between.

Warsaw, Poland Photos

Both of us used the week to be productive on the computer with Fat applying for jobs and creating a video resume that went viral and Darlene picking up a few new online clients.

While our overseas adventures are finished for now, we still have two more weeks of traveling before we get back home and we can’t wait to see our families in Buffalo and New Orleans!

Here’s some of what you will see in this week’s video update…
– We worked out.
– We worked out some more.
– We stumbled upon a Woman’s Day rally while trying to get sushi.
– We walked round Old Town.
– We learned the hard way why the back of the busses and trains are always empty.
– We talk about the things we miss from back home.
– Did we mention we worked out?


20 Best Travel Photos from Warsaw, Poland

All photos by Fat. Please only repost with proper attribution to @PowrCupl and @FatTonyBMX.