Does Poland Have Good Vegan Food? Yes! Grab a Fork and Dig Into These 80 Photos!

The last country on our trip around the world was Poland, which is where Darlene’s family is from. Darlene grew up eating Polish food, and we were absolutely blown away by the amazing vegan restaurants and food we found in Krakow and Warsaw.

Vegan Polish Food

Lunch set from Go Healthy in Krakow including cutlet, groats, beet salad, and BBQ sauce.

In the three weeks we were there we probably only ate at two restaurants that weren’t 100% vegan—and those were still vegetarian. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in Warsaw’s city center and there were literally 20 vegan restaurants within a one mile radius, and more outside of that. Amazing! It’s safe to say the veggie scene in Poland is booming!

Not only did we find delicious traditional Polish dishes made vegan like pierogis, cutlets, soups, and salads, but we also discovered things a variety of other cuisine like burgers, samosas, kebabs, and shawarmas. Oh, and of course we tried plenty of desserts!

How do you find vegan food while traveling abroad?
Besides contributing an article once, we aren’t affiliated with Happy Cow in any way, but we used their app to find all these restaurants. If you’re looking for vegan restaurants or options near you or while traveling, give them a try!

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80 Photos of Mouth-Watering Vegan Polish Food