Is There Vegan Food in Vietnam? Absolutely! Here Are 35 Photos for Proof!

If you’ve been following our journey at all, you’ve no doubt discover we love food, and love trying new things all around the world. We were only there for two weeks, but we found lots of great vegan food in Vietnam!

Most vegan Vietnamese food is centered around rice or rice noodles. Often times the noodles are in a soup like pho, but many times they are on their own with vegetables, mushrooms, and soy-based protein like tofu or mock meats. (It seemed like Vietnam was really into mock meat, haha!)

Our first week in Vietnam was spent in an apartment where we cooked for ourselves a lot, so this gallery isn’t as hefty as the one from our vegan food in Bali or Thailand, but hopefully it shows some of the diversity we found around Ho Chi Minh City and proves that vegans can travel pretty much anywhere in the world and find suitable plant-based food.

While our vegan traveling experience may be different than that of meat-eaters, we embrace it and enjoy it, feeling good about our health-conscious and cruelty-free decisions.

35 Photos of Vegan Food in Vietnam