Our Quest to Learn to Cook Continues… We Took a Vietnamese Vegan Cooking Class!

We’ve found that one of our favorite things to do while exploring a new country is to take a cooking class. Not only do we get to eat a lot of delicious food (You know we love to eat!), but we also get to learn a ton about the local produce, cuisine, and cooing techniques. While in Ho Chi Minh City we took a Vietnamese vegan cooking class and had an absolute blast expanding our minds, palates, and bellies!

We booked our course through HCM Cooking Class because their website showed photos of people picking their own vegetables, and clearly offered a vegan course.

A driver and guide from the school picked us up from a hotel in District 1 (the center of the city) and drove us to their farm and school a little more than an hour away. Our group had two other couples for the first half of the day, and right when we arrived we all got to walk around the garden picking the vegetables we cooked with.

Our instructor Victor told us all kinds of things about each plant, how it’s used in cooking, and what medicinal properties it has. He was pretty funny too and told us stories about things like when his mother gave him herbal medicines that made him cry.

After the other two couples left we got to stay and make four more dishes. We really enjoyed the one-on-one attention, and we loved the peaceful atmosphere of the open air kitchen and dining room next to the gardens.

The more we learn about different international cooking, the more we want to keep learning! We are really excited to have a few new tips, tricks, and techniques under our belt to bring back home!

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos of the seven dishes we made!

Thank you to Tan and Victor at HCM Cooking Class for the course!

Our Video of HCM Vegan Cooking Class in Vietnam

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 Vegan Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh City – 40 Photos

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