Week 3 Travel Update From Our Last Week in Bali!

As I type this we are in the back of a taxi (i.e.: some random dude’s Toyota mini van) on the way to the airport where we will leave Bali and fly to Thailand. It’s been an amazing three weeks here, and we are a little sad to leave as it was starting to feel a little like home. Well, not really like home home, but home in the sense that we were getting in a comfortable groove of making cheap hotels our home.

This final week in Bali was split between Uluwatu and Ubud. If Ubud sounds familiar, it’s because we also spent our first week there. Why’d we go back? The vlog below explains in more detail, but essentially we liked Ubud and didn’t like Uluwatu.

Here’s some of what you can expect to see in this week’s video update…

– We visited some temples and beaches.
– We both shed a few tears, but for different reasons.
– We saw some incredible waterfalls, and even got to play in them.
– We had an adventurous hike that few people go on.
– We got caught in another rain storm. (But this time the camera gear was safe in a dry bag!)
– And we get real about the struggles of traveling while pregnant.


Week 3 Travel Vlog Update from Uluwatu and Ubud


35 Travel Photos from Bali – Uluwatu & Ubud

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