Pre-Trip Photo Gallery – Tonsai Beach, Thailand (20 Photos)

Next up in our series of pre-trip photo galleries is Tonsai Beach, Thailand!

I tell people this all the time… Out of the 35 countries I’ve been to, Thailand is the only one I’ve spent the time and money to go to twice. And this December after we leave Bali, I’ll go there a third time! It’s truly that special!

The second time I visited Thailand I only went to one place—a place that’s dear to my heart—Tonsai Beach. Something about Tonsai is just magical to me, and it will be the first stop we make in Thailand once we start traveling.

I can’t wait to go there with my new wife, and I hope you guys will follow along during our adventures!

This gallery is a collection of photos in December 2014 while traveling by myself for a month through Asia.