Bangkok, Thailand

Week 7 Travel Update From Bangkok, Thailand

This week we found ourselves in the capital of Thailand—Bangkok. With a population of more than 6.3 million people, it is by far the largest city we’ve been to. We skipped the tourist attractions and focused on getting a feel for the local city lifestyle, working out, and connecting with people.

21 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 21

It’s crazy to think six weeks ago when we we started our trip my belly was flat, and now I can barely see my toes! I have noticed when we go to a different city and I have to put on my backpack I can tell that my belly grew by the straps of the buckle—I can’t buckle it anymore and need to adjust it!

Fun Things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand

Week 5 Travel Update From Chiang Mai, Thailand

After a tough fourth week, our fifth week traveling found us in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) taking things slow and trying to heal ourselves from bad allergies and food poisoning. Of course we still managed to pack in some good times and adventures though!