Prego Log

28 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 28

I finished my 28th week of pregnancy in Warsaw, Poland and I can’t believe I am on my third trimester! The main thing we did was go to the gym every day, which felt great. However, I am having trouble bending over to put on my shoes now, haha!

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 27

I finished my 27th week pregnancy and second trimester in Krakow, Poland. I can’t believe I am starting my third trimester already! I have been feeling really good and feeling the baby kick a lot. Fat has been able to feel her kick almost every day too! I did have one really weird thing that happened to me this week though…

25 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 25

I finished my 25th week of pregnancy in Italy where we did a lot of tourist sightseeing through four different cities. Do I have stretch marks? Do my clothes still fit? Did I buy maternity clothes? Do I feel the baby kicking? Find out in this week’s Prego Log!

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 24

I started my 24th week of pregnancy in Ho Chi Minh City and ended it in Rome. Right now the baby is the size of a ear corn—12 inches long and weighs 1 1/3 pounds. There have been some perks while traveling pregnant too…

23 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 23

I just finished 23rd week of pregnancy while in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I haven’t noticed a change in my belly bump, I can still see my toes, and I don’t have any stretch marks. However, I did have a little TMI embarrassing moment…

21 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 21

It’s crazy to think six weeks ago when we we started our trip my belly was flat, and now I can barely see my toes! I have noticed when we go to a different city and I have to put on my backpack I can tell that my belly grew by the straps of the buckle—I can’t buckle it anymore and need to adjust it!

21 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 20

During my 20th week we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and had a more relaxed week than the previous weeks. The first couple days I didn’t work out because I had a small stomach bug. We kept things easy…