Cooking Class

Polish Your Cooking Review

We Got to Explore Darlene’s Roots with a Polish Vegan Cooking Class!

After taking cooking classes in Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam, we decided to end our three months abroad with one final vegan cooking class…in Poland! As a first generation Pole, Darlene grew up eating and helping her mom make traditional Polish foods, so we were really excited about joining the crew at Polish Your Cooking for their Sunday class!

Vietnamese Vegan Cooking Class

Our Quest to Learn to Cook Continues… We Took a Vietnamese Vegan Cooking Class!

We’ve found that one of our favorite things to do while exploring a new country is to take a cooking class. Not only do we get to eat a lot of delicious food (You know we love to eat!), but we also get to learn a ton about the local produce, cuisine, and cooing techniques. While in Ho Chi Minh City we took a Vietnamese vegan cooking class and had an absolute blast expanding our minds, palates, and bellies!