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What Do Vegans Eat In Bali? These 55 Photos Will Show You!

One of the things people ask us most often while we are traveling is, “What do you eat?” Well, we’ve already shared a post about how the Viceroy resort is vegan-friendly, and another with our top three vegan restaurants in Ubud, but we also habitually take iPhone photos of most of our meals, so here’s a photo gallery chocked full of the things we ate while traveling in Bali for three weeks…

18 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 18

This week my baby bump got bigger, but it’s still crazy because I don’t feel like I am pregnant…it still doesn’t feel real! Maybe it’s because our last sonogram was four weeks ago? I can’t wait for my 20 week check-up here in Thailand!

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Week 2 Travel Update from Amed & Candidasa, Bali

Our second week of traveling was split between two very different beach towns in Bali—Amed and Candidasa. The big event this week was a rain storm that soaked Fat’s camera, compromising all of the photos and videos from this trip! Check out some iPhone photo updates and our video to see what happened!

17 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 17

I just finished my 17th week of pregnancy and my baby bump is showing…after I eat it really shows! My appetite has been a lot better, but unfortunately I’ve had some other annoying issues. Maybe TMI? Haha!

Photos of Ubud, Bali

Week 1 Travel Update from Ubud, Bali

At the time we are posting this we have been on the go for about 11 days and we are well on our way to adjusting to life on the road while traveling abroad. Inside we have 15 photos and a short video from the adventures we had in Ubud, Bali.

Is Viceroy Bali vegan friendly?

Is Viceroy Bali Vegan Friendly?

People ask us all the time if finding vegan food while traveling is difficult and we knew Bali and Thailand wouldn’t be hard to find great vegan food, but we didn’t know about the Viceroy resort… So, is Viceroy Bali vegan friendly or not?

Best Photos of Viceroy Bali in Ubud

Staying at Viceroy Bali Was Literally a Dream Come True!

For the past two years I had been dreaming of staying at Viceroy Bali—one of the top luxury resorts in the entire world! The day after our wedding we boarded a flight overseas and made the dream a reality… Here’s our story and a vlog from our time spent there.