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We didn’t save up a lot of money before we left to travel the world for six months. We began our journey with wedding gifts from our parents (Thank you so much Mama, Mom, Dad, and Ma!) and pooled together a little extra savings before we left from selling personal belongings and one of our cars on Craigslist. (The other car was a lease that actually cost us money to rid of.)

With that said, there are a handful of ways you guys can support us while we travel to keep us on the road and help us to keep inspiring other couples to grow stronger together. Some of the ways listed below won’t even cost you anything!

The best way you can contribute is to buy our products from the Powr Cupl store!


In addition, you can sign up for memberships or buy things from our affiliate links listed below. We only affiliate ourselves with companies and products we use and believe in. Using the links doesn’t cost you anything extra, but will give us a little kick back, which all adds up.


3 Ways To Support Us Without Spending A Dime

1. Share our content!

If you like what we’re doing or think a post is cool, please share it any way you can—on your social media, by word of mouth, or by carrier pigeon! You guys are our only form of advertising, and we appreciate you helping spread the love!


2. Get TWO FREE audio books when you sign up for a free 30-day trail at Audible!

If you’ve never used Audible, now is the time to sign up! You’ll get two free books with your 30-day trial, and Audible will send us $15 when you sign up—everyone wins! If you cancel the membership before the trial period is over, you’ll never be charged anything.

Some of our favorite books we’ve listened to from Audible are:
The Four-Hour Work Week
The 10-X Rule
Unbeatable Mind
Elon Musk


3. Sign up for a Free 30-Day Amazon Prime Membership

We have had an Amazon Prime member ship for several years (although we plan to cancel or pause it when we travel to cut expenses) and usually order something at least once a week. We ordered most things for our trip and a ton of things for our wedding on Amazon. It’s usually more convenient to order online than it is to go to a store, and with Amazon’s low prices and free shipping, it’s usually cheaper too.

When you sign up for your free 30-day Amazon Prime trial you’ll get their famous free shipping on literally tens of millions of items, and Amazon will send us $2. Most of their items arrive within two days after you buy them, but we’ve had plenty of things arrive the next day, or even the same day!



4 Ways To Support Us With No Extra Cost To You

1. Order your Amazon purchases through our affiliate link.

Every time you order something on Amazon using our link we will get a few pennies from the sale, but they won’t raise the price for you. We also have a store of recommended items that we use at home and that we bought for our trip that you can check out as well. Even if you don’t buy any of the stuff we like, as long as you use our link (we’d love for you to bookmark it), Amazon will give us a tiny percentage of the purchase, and everything adds up!

We also set up an Amazon store that features a handful of items we use on a regular basis at home as well as some books that inspired us and things we purchased for our trip around the world!


2. Book hotels or hostels through our affiliate link.

We use all the time while are looking for places to stay around the world, and if you book anything through our link we will get a few cents commission, and as you know, every little bit helps!

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3. Sign up for AirBNB using our affiliate link.

If you sign up with AirBNB, then after your first stay we will both get $35 in credits to our account. AirBNB is an awesome resource to book better places to stay when traveling abroad or in the U.S. If you were planning to use AirBNB anyway, then we’d love for you to help us out by using our link!


4. Get your web hosting through our affiliate link.

When you purchase a web hosting plan through our link we will get a small percentage of the sale. Bluehost is a great company that offers one-click WordPress installation, so creating a website on their hosting platform is super simple!



3 More Ways to Support Us

1. Purchase “The Affordable Vegan Diet” E-book

Darlene is a certified personal trainer and vegan lifestyle coach.

The Affordable Vegan Diet is an e-book that Darlene wrote and Fat designed that provides a four-week meal plan that averages out to just $5 a day! The book includes everything you need to know in order to start your journey to a healthier plant-based lifestyle, and as the title suggests, it’s actually affordable!

The book includes more than 55 recipes that are fun, easy, and affordable! You’ll learn to make vegan protein bowls and burgers, as well as healthy cookies, muffins, brownies, and smoothies! When you follow the meal plan you will notice a decrease in your grocery bills and an increase in your health and happiness!



2. Become a Member of Darlene’s Health & Fitness Program

Darlene offers a variety of online coaching and training services ranging from weekly or monthly meal and workout plans to personalized vegan lifestyle coaching.

If you’re looking for help getting your nutrition or fitness to the next level, she can help at an affordable price!


3. Purchase Fat’s Photography

Fat has been a professional photographer for more than a decade and has done work for clients such as Red Bull and ESPN. If you’d like to purchase one of the travel photos you’ve seen on this site, please send us a message!

We will work on setting up a way to buy prints through the website, but until then, let’s just work out the details via email and we can become pin pals along the way!