7 Things We Learned While Starting a Travel Blog

I’ve started and maintained a number of websites over the years, but Powr Cupl is the most complicated one I’ve ever built by myself, and we learned a lot during the two months it us took to get it up and running…

7 Things We Learned While Building a Travel Blog

1. You’re not going to get very far without a premium theme.
I’ll admit I held out on paying for WordPress theme for a really long time. It was a tough expense to swallow given how many free themes there are out there. However, while building this site I learned how helpful it is to suck it up, fork over the dough, and pay for a premium theme. I’m now a believer and think paying for a premium theme is absolutely worth it! (But I’ll still search for a coupon code before placing the order, which saved us 25% on this theme!)

2. High quality photography makes all the difference.
While we were waiting on our shirts and mugs to come in we had a lot of old photos of us on the site as placeholders. We were starting to worry that the site wouldn’t look as good as we envisioned. However, once we paid our friend Sebastian to do a photo shoot, the entire site came to life and started to look incredible! Now we can’t wait to hit the road and start posting photos from all over the world!

3. WPThemeDetector is my new best friend.
This one is a bit on the tech/nerd side of things, but while building this site I discovered a website called WPThemeDetector.com that tells you which theme and plugins other websites use. It was a huge help in finding different features that we wanted to incorporate, and it even helped us pick our theme. (http://wp-prosperity.com/)

4. Writing is hard when you’re out of practice!
Neither one of us have done much writing in the past few years so to say we are out of practice would be a huge understatement! Aside from one or two sessions where I managed to really get in the zone, everything we’ve written so far on here has been a struggle! We are viewing this as a good way for us to get back in the habit of writing though, and we are excited to write more about our experiences once we start traveling.

5. “Measure twice, cut once” doesn’t apply to building things digitally.
We’ve all heard the old carpenter’s saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” but when it comes to building a website, it seems like everything takes more than a few rounds of trial and error before you get it right, no matter how on point you think you are. Many nights were a true test of patience while building this blog, but we learned a ton, and now that it’s all said and done we feel a great sense of satisfaction that we were able to figure things out and make them all come together.

6. A website doesn’t happen overnight.
As you can imagine, starting from an idea sketched on paper and ending with a fully functional website is quite a process. We learned we have to allow some time for things to develop naturally and not rush the creative process.


This is quite literally the first thing we did when we decided to put pen to paper and began creating a plan for Powr Cupl.

7. You have to be flexible in your plans.
You may be able to tell by now that neither one of us is very patient. When we want something, we want it now. Even though we were anxious and excited to launch this site, during the process other work and priorities came into the picture that set us back a little. Also, our first shirts didn’t turn out right so that set us back another week and a half. And of course it was challenging to schedule a photo shoot when everyone was free and the sun was out. Be flexible and just chill…things will work out!