Week 9 Travel Update From Saigon, Vietnam

Our final week in Asia after traveling across three countries for the past nine weeks was spent in Saigon, Vietnam. (Note: If you’re like me and are confused by “Saigon”, let me save you the Google search… It’s the former name of Ho Chi Minh City, but is often still referred to as such.) We were fortunate enough to stay with Darlene’s old high school wrestling partner Joe and his fiancé Gabby, so our “living like locals” theme continued.

Hanging out with Joe and Gabby on the famous backpacker street in Ho Chi Minh City.

Once again we opted to skip the tourist attractions, so instead soaked up as much local culture as we could simply by being there and going about our normal activities like working out, going eat, shopping, getting a hair cut, etc. And of course we tried out as many vegan restaurants as we could in the process!

One day this week was spent at the Vietnamese vegan cooking class we took, and another was centered around our 24 week prenatal checkup and glucose test. With such a low key week (and two videos already in the bag) we gave ourselves a break on our weekly update video. Don’t worry though, we will be back next week with a good one from Italy!

Ben Tahn Market in central Saigon.

Since Italy is our next destination, we spent a day visiting various markets around the Ho Chi Minh to buy warm clothes. We both got a pair of gloves, a pair of sweatpants, a really nice 4-in-1 winter jacket, and a few pairs of long socks. Darlene also got a pair of leggings and some shoes… The total price for everything was only about $130 USD. Score!

We want to give a big THANK YOU to Joe and Gabby for their hospitality this week, and we wish them well as they plan their wedding and tie the knot!

Next stop…EUROPE!

Introducing Joe and Gabby to Healthy Farm vegan restaurant in Vietnam.

A view of Ho Chi Minh City during a full moon from a rooftop bar.

Panoramic Photo of Ho Chi Minh City

Click this panoramic photo of Ho Chi Minh City to make it GO BIG!