Darlene’s Prego Log – Weeks 14-16

I officially started week 17 of my pregnancy, but It’s time to catch you up from weeks 14-16. Right now the baby is the size of an avocado—about four and a half inches long (head to rump) and three and a half ounces. There are many reasons why I haven’t posted a prego log in a while, and not just because of the wedding and getting ready for our trip around the world… I was actually scared for the health of the baby. If you haven’t watched the vlog below, watch it now and it will explain the stress we were dealing and overall the outcome.

If anyone is expecting a baby and planning to get blood work done for trisomy 18 and trisomy 21, be prepared for the emotional roller coaster! It’s not about finding out the results, but also waiting for the results. We all want a healthy child and fearing the unknown gets scary because you don’t know what to expect. We all want to be hopeful, but there is always some small fear creeping up. Hearing the results that my trisomy 21 was positive it was f**king scary, but luckily my doctor is awesome and was explaining to me it’s just a statistic and majority the results are false.

Vegan Pregnancy 14 Weeks Picture

My 14 week pregnancy progress pic!

I chose to take further testing because I’d rather be at ease with the rest of my pregnancy even though I knew it would still cause stress by waiting for the amniotic results. If you watched our vlog, you can see our reaction when we got the call from the doctor. It was a great start of our trip. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, we also found out IT’S A GIRL!

It's a GIRL!

Photo by Sebastian Smith.

Do I regret taking these tests? No, because if I didn’t then I would wonder for the rest of my pregnancy. Ever since I got pregnant I have become a worry wort…I must get that from my mom. Luckily I have a great husband that helps me calm down, and hopefully some of that rubs off of me when the baby is born. So whatever your decision is, be prepared to have fear and learn not to worry, because it’s a waste of energy and there is nothing you can do anyway.

Now let’s talk about my wedding dress! Did it fit? Yes, it did! I actually felt like I had room to spare, haha. If you read my previous Prego Log from week 13, I was worried I wouldn’t fit in my dress, but when I started to worry about the amniotic test results I stopped caring about fitting in the dress. I would rather have a healthy baby than fit in my dress, so that’s where my mental energy was going. I was selfish and realized there are more important things in the world than fitting in my wedding dress. In the end, we got great news from the test results, and the wedding was perfect!

Click here to see our amazing wedding photos!

Best Wedding Photos | Power Couple Wedding

Photo by Jeff Zielinski.


Have I been working out from week 14-16? Yes, I have! 🙂 I worked out every single day until two days before the wedding. Obviously the day after our wedding I didn’t work out because we started our travel. After we settled in, we worked out at the Viceroy Bali resort for two of the three days we were there.

Viceroy Bali Fitness Center

Working out with Fat at Viceroy!

However, I have actually been under the weather for the first week of our travels. I think it is a combination of our 40hr travel “day” to Bali and the long lay over. I began to get a sore throat and a chest cold that started to surface just before the wedding, and the traveling brought it to life. I have been trying to rest and stayed hydrated as much as I can.

How has my eating been? No cravings! While we were at home for week 14 and 15 we still prepped our meals, but once it was close to the wedding we had dinner with our parents, a rehearsal dinner, and of course our wedding, which was catered by a local restaurant. Week 16 started off our travel, so we ate mostly at our resort (Viceroy Bali) and found a couple of great vegan restaurants in Ubud. Look for a post about eating vegan at Viceroy and in Ubud soon!

Darlene and Fat's Baby Gender Reveal

Cheeky shot from our room at Viceroy. Photo by Fat.

Vegan Pregnancy - 16 Weeks

16 weeks pregnant at the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali.

For the rest of our trip I will try to post updates of our meals and workouts. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what I have been up to with my pregnancy while traveling with my husband.

Well, that’s a wrap of how my 14-16 weeks went!

Below I shared a sample of my workout that I did for week 16 at the Viceroy Bali luxury hotel. Enjoy!

Gym Routine Sample:

Day 1:

Warm up: 6 minutes of elliptical hill setting

Stretch: hip flexors, calves, inner thighs, hamstring, pigeon glute stretch, spinal rotation

Triple Set, 3 Sets
-12 Lat pull down
– 8 walking lunges
– 10 hamstring curls

WOD: 21-15-9 reps of…
– Squats
– Deadlift
– Shoulder Press

Finished off with 500m of rowing.


Day 2:

Stretch: hip flexors, calves, inner thighs, hamstring, pigeon glute stretch, spinal rotation.

5 Rounds for Time:
– 100m row
– 5 KB deadlift upright row goblet squat press
– 10 KB back lunge pass
Time: 8:32