Powr Cupl Profile: Caroline Buchanan & Barry Nobles

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I met these two professional BMX and mountain bike athletes at a BMX camp a few years ago and immediately loved their energy. Since then I’ve kept up with them through social media and have watched their relationship grow through how they experience life together. I was extremely excited about this interview, and they did not disappoint!


Names: Caroline Buchanan & Barry Nobles
Ages: 25 & 29
Location: Southern California

Occupations: Professional BMX and Mountain Bike Athletes

Relationship Status:
Dated for eight years and now engaged with a fur baby Cosmo.

How did you meet?
We met in the foyer of a hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark at our first international UCI BMX World Cup Race.

What makes you a Powr Cupl?
Who would have ever thought piles of dirt and bikes would bring us both together and we would share a love for everything two wheels, adrenaline, and action sport!

Caroline: @CBuchanan68 | www.carolinebuchanan.com
Barry: @BarryNobles95 | www.barrynobles.com


Power 5…

What is your love language? Give an example of how your partner expresses that to you.
Caroline: My top two love languages are physical touch and quality time. This was sometimes a challenge in the beginning when being in a long distance relationship from Canberra, Australia to Wetumpka, Alabama. However, Barry always goes over and above to make me feel loved and 100% supported in my career. My favorite date is going out for breakfast, which is our Sunday morning tradition and cuddling on the couch watching (ironically) the Kardashians or Next Top Model.
Barry: Mine love languages are quality time and words of affirmation. I’m the worst about talking on a phone. Hearing/seeing on FaceTime only lasts so long for me. So when I can get a big hug and an “I missed you!” I’m set.

How do you hope to inspire other couples?
Caroline: By proving you can be a power couple in the same industry riding the successful highs and lows together, be able to separate work and home life, and ultimately live the life, have endless fun, and experience everything as a team.
Barry: Caroline and I love experiencing “LIFE” together, whether it’s being a tourist or on a bike. We document all of our adventures to share to the world in hopes to motivate another couple or just a single person to get out there and live their life to the fullest as well.

What was the lowest point in your relationship and how did you overcome the difficult times?
Caroline: Difficult times would have been multiple years of being in a long distance relationship and meeting up after months apart in other countries on opposite sides of the world, staying with separate race teams (USA & Australia) and meeting around stressful work competition race environments. We have been able to find a healthy balance around competition weekends and make time for one another.
Barry: A few years ago the long distance relationship caught up with us. I believe we were young and didn’t understand how to separate life, relationship, and sport. Everyone has a big bump in the rode and that was ours. We both learned so much from it and so much about one another. It was a tough time for myself but I’d never change it due to how much we learned from it

What is the best investment you have made in your relationship?
Caroline: Haha, lots of Skype credit!!
Barry: Invest in each other as a team! It’s much easier working with a full glass!

What is the key to a strong and successful relationship?
Caroline: Keeping it fun!! Living life up to the fullest! Smiling and laughing together daily!
Barry: Communication! The better it is, the better the “team” works.



Just a Cupl More…

First off…you two were a huge inspiration to us when we made our engagement video. We obviously ripped off your style completely, haha! What was your inspiration for that South America travel video? How’d you guys decide to do it, and in that format?
We did the same thing you did. We saw a quick video like that and wanted to remake it in our own way. We were both so pumped to know it inspired you to do the same!


Explain your current relationship and living situation…
We are actually both in southern California now. We are going through the visa processes now for Caroline and will be married soon.

Some guys feel like they have to be dominate in all parts of a relationship, so is there ever any tension between you two because Caroline has more followers than Barry?
Barry: I don’t look at it that way at all. When it comes to social, We are a team/package who ever has more following its just helping us both out as a whole and that’s the only way I see it. Helping each other grow as one.

What is the dynamic when you guys ride together?
We are riding buddies and training partners!
Barry: I need Caroline to help motivate me at times.
Caroline: I need Barry there to be my coach at times.

What is the best way for your partner to show support after you have won a race? How about after you have lost a race?
Barry: Caroline wins a lot more then I do now a days. I just make sure I’m at the finish line to be the first one to wrap my arms around her.
Caroline: If Barry doesn’t get the result he wants I just have to stay away ‘till he is ready to come to me, haha.

Since Caroline is on the Australian Olympic team, how often do you get to train together?
Barry: I don’t like to hit the gym with Caroline when it’s BMX training time. She likes to be in her bubble and grind it out. I’m always trying to have fun and that bugs her when she’s in serious mode, haha. Other than that we train together all the time, even at the US or Aus Olympic training centers.

Do you help each other stay on track with training and eating? Or do you have the opposite affect on each other?
Barry: Food yes…we keep each other on track, but we both can easily justify a cheat meal to the other, haha.

What kind of things do you do as a couple that don’t involve bikes?
Barry: Home DIY creations, yoga, massages, and she might go watch me skydive sometimes.

Where has been the best place you’ve traveled together?
Barry: We’d have to say Santorini, Greece has been our top trip so far. We got engaged in Italy recently. That trip was a close second.

Do you have any tips for couples that want to travel together?
Barry: Take the leap! If you have the urge for it, just do it! That’ll get the snowball rolling!