Powr Cupl Profile: Christin & Scott Panchik

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Scott Panchik is one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world and the owner of a CrossFit gym that he runs with his wife Christin. We had the honor of interviewing them to learn more about their business and relationship.

As a professional photographer and video producer I’ve had the privilege of working with Scott for his supplement sponsor, PurePharma. I spent a few days with Scott and his wife Christin at their home and gym in Ohio filming a “Day In The Life” video, and I was really inspired by the way they work, train, and life together. If you define “power” by strength and athleticism, then these two are the epitome of Power Couple!

Power Couple Christin & Scott Panchik

Photo by Onion Studio. Courtesy of Christin and Scott Panchik.


Ice Breakers…

Names: Christin & Scott Panchik

Ages: 27 & 28

Location: Mentor, Ohio

Occupations: Owner and Member/Business Relations for CrossFit Mentality

Relationship Status:
Dated for three years, married four months.

How did you meet?
We met at the University of Mount Union in 2007. We were both Health and Physical Education majors, so we had a lot of the same classes together.

What makes you a Powr Cupl?
We both love everything health and fitness related. We are outgoing and love working with others, which in a sense is how we both ended up at a University that is a powerhouse in athletics and has a well-known Education program. We share the same values when it comes to faith and truly believe that we make each other better. In regards to the business aspect of our life we balance each other out and are constantly helping each other to be most efficient with our time throughout the day, this includes prioritizing time for “us” as well.


Power Couple Christin & Scott Panchik

Photo by Onion Studio. Courtesy of Christin and Scott Panchik.


Power 5…

What is your love language? Give an example of how your partner expresses that to you.
We actually both took the Love Language quiz last year and found that we both share the same love language, “Acts of Service”. This is probably because we have pretty busy lives and spend a lot of time at the gym. So, little things like making meals, doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning etc. really go a long way. Every day we get a little better at managing these tasks and noticing when one of us needs a little more help getting something done.

How do you hope to inspire other couples?
We hope to inspire other couples by showing them that you can live the life you’ve always imagined. You have to have a vision of what you want, every detail of it, and set goals that will get you there. Every goal achieved is one step closer to that dream. Having someone next to you who shares that vision helps to keep you accountable and makes celebrating victories so much sweeter! Life is a beautiful gift and we intend to get everything out of it that we can. Every day is a blessing and we feel grateful that we can share it with each other and the community around us.

What is the best investment you have made in your relationship?
Something we have done to strengthen our relationship is given ourselves two days out of the week to get outside of the gym. On these days we try to get out and do something together, whether it be taking our dog for a walk in the Cleveland Metroparks, going to a local Farmer’s Market, or just out to dinner. We have really tried to dedicate Thursdays and Sundays to building our relationship, spending time together, and growing as a couple outside of the gym. CrossFit is a huge part of our life and we love it, but we don’t want it to define our relationship.

What is the key to a strong and successful relationship?
Unconditional love, communication, patience and understanding. Although we are very similar, we are still different people. We have really learned to communicate and look at different perspectives in all the situations we are faced with. We have learned so much from each other by practicing patience and understanding each other’s point of view. At the end of every day whether it be good or not the best, we are both at peace because we love each other unconditionally, and more every day.

Power Couple Christin & Scott Panchik

Photo by Cody York. Courtesy of Christin and Scott Panchik.


Just a Cupl More…

Can you tell us the story of how Christin started working at the gym?
As the brand continued to grow, so did our staff. Christin was teaching K-12 phys-ed and personal training at a commercial gym. Scott was and still is a competitive CrossFit Athlete and Gym Owner. We were each putting in long hours at our respective places of work, and at the end of the day Scott was still working, answering emails and organizing business affairs. This was difficult for us to manage time for ourselves. CrossFit Mentality was growing, but the hours in a day were not. With the gym growing it was time to build our team and Christin was exactly what we needed. Bringing Christin into CrossFit Mentality allowed me to focus on training and coaching. She “connects the dots”, handling and organizing all the behind the scene aspects of the gym along with coaching classes.

Since you work together you two obviously spend a lot of time around each other… Do you ever feel the need for time apart or alone? If so, how do you go about getting that time to yourselves?
Even though we work together our roles at the gym somewhat separated. We are often off doing our “own thing” throughout the day. Scott, Saxon and Spencer (Scott’s younger twin brothers), spend the better part of the gym training, while Christin is working in the front office on administrative tasks.

Power Couple Christin & Scott Panchik

Photo by Onion Studio. Courtesy of Christin and Scott Panchik.


Scott trains and competes at the highest level possible in CrossFit, so we’re curious if you two train together at all?
Sometimes we train together depending on the time of year and training phase that Scott is in. We do our running and endurance workouts together. Christin was a former colligate runner and coach at John Carroll University, so she programs and coaches our running workouts. Scott’s strengths are Christin’s weaknesses and vice versa. Scott helps Christin with her strength training and she helps him with his running.

Does the dynamic in your relationship change when Scott kicks it into high gear for the CrossFit Games season?
We are both dialed in when the Games training comes a long, I wouldn’t say that we spend “less” time together by any means. There really isn’t much that changes…we don’t travel as much and Christin will pick up a few more classes, but we still balance our relationship with training and the gym. Our relationship is always top priority because neither of us could do what we do without each other’s support.

What is the dynamic between you two at work?
Our dynamic is similar…we are obviously still husband and wife, but we interact the way co-workers would.

What advice do you have for couples that might want to do business or work together?
Learn to compartmentalize your work from your relationship. Spend time away from work and build a life together that you’ve always dreamed of.

This is a photo Fat shot for PurePharma at the 2015 CrossFit Games.