Powr Cupl Profile: Anna & Yvan Lozano

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I met Anna at my cousin Daria’s wedding. I was drawn to her life and how vibrant she was. Later, Anna and her husband Yvan became my business mentors. I loved her passion for health, fitness, and wanting to help others better their health. That has always been my motto so I trust anyone with that vision. Now I am even more inspired by them because of their beautiful daughter and the freedom they have created for themselves.

Anna and Yvan Lozano | Power Couple


Ice Breakers…

Names: Anna & Yvan Lozano
Ages: 32 & 36
Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Occupations: Founders of Holistic Freedom Academy

Relationship Status:
Started dating in 2008, married in 2012, and our first daughter Maya was born February 22, 2016.

How did you meet?
We met through a mutual friend when Anna was working in Mexico City.

What makes you a Powr Cupl?
We are in total alignment when it comes to our core values and the vision we have for our life together.

Links/Social: holisticfreedomacademy.com | @holisticfreedomacademy

Anna and Yvan Lozano | Power Couple


Power 5…

What is your love language? Give an example of how your partner expresses that to you.
Anna’s love language is quality time and we make sure to have date night every week, even if it’s just ordering in and watching a movie. Yvan’s love language is physical touch, so for Anna it’s about consciously doing the little things each day like holding hands while on a walk with Maya!

How do you hope to inspire other couples?
By living authentically each day.

What was the lowest point in your relationship and how did you overcome the difficult times?
Communication solves all problems! We are both committed to speaking our truth and talking about things as they arise rather then letting them pile up.

What is the best investment you have made in your relationship?
Yvan and I are both committed to growth individually and as a couple. Becoming parents has strengthened our relationship at the core as it’s taken a lot of patience and compassion for one another. No one can prepare you for this role!

What is the key to a strong and successful relationship?
We both feel its communication!

Anna and Yvan Lozano | Power Couple


Just a Cupl More…

Explain your business and how long have you been doing it together?
Yvan and I own a network marketing business with USANA! Anna started in 2010 part-time, retiring her corporate career in 2011, and Yvan joined her full-time in 2013, retiring his corporate career, and now together we are full-time parents and entrepreneurs.

How do you delegate who does what in the business?
We’ve found our strengths and passions in the business and contribute in those areas. One thing we learned early on is that you can’t coach your spouse!! Hiring external coaches has been the best decision we’ve ever made.

How do you overcome the walls that people put up when they hear you do multi-level marketing?
People are becoming very open to network marketing as a credible way to achieve time and financial freedom. The “traditional success formula” is no longer appealing to those individuals who are seeking to live life on their own terms, and network marketing is the best option and has the lowest risk.

Before becoming parents, what was the drive for your business that kept you going? Has your drive changed since becoming parents? If so, what is it now?
When we launched our network marketing business the drive was to retire our corporate careers and to have the time freedom to both be stay at home parents. Today we are living this vision. Today, the drive is impact. We want to teach 1,000 families how to achieve time and financial freedom with this incredible vehicle.

Anna and Yvan Lozano | Power Couple

Are there times you get frustrated with each other while working together? How do you get through those moments?
Of course! We’re human! We take a time-out and talk about things. Once we’re both feeling good we continue on with our tasks!

Now that you are new parents, has it been hard balancing your roles as parents and business owners? What have you done to make it work?
What’s been hard is admitting that it’s just DIFFERENT! Time management is absolutely critical to making business and parenthood flow, but at the same time being okay with the fact that whatever you “plan” will most likely turn out differently, and just going with it.

It seems like since your daughter was born you have shifted the focus of your business a bit. Can you explain that transition?
Before Maya was born I had all the time freedom in the world, which meant I could build my business all day long! Becoming a mom has made her my main priority. I have about two hours a day to work on my business, which means that I’m super efficient with the things that I focus on and the partners I align with!

How has your relationship grown stronger since becoming business owners? Since becoming parents?
People ask us about being together all the time as business owners and parents…and we love it! We are each other’s biggest fan and cheerleader, and it’s absolutely incredible to create the life of your dreams with the person you love.

Anna and Yvan Lozano | Power Couple

How do you separate your married life, being a parent, and owning your business?
Truthfully, our life is totally blended together and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing is separate and it all fuels each part. We do however make it a priority to have our phones off when it’s time to be parents, especially on weekends.

In your business, what has proven to be the highest impact marketing strategy at the lowest cost?
Social media! Creating an audience on social media by constantly adding value goes a long way, and it’s free!

What advice would you give to other couples that want to start a business together?
Go for it! Just make sure you’re both in total alignment with your core values, vision, goals, and roles!