We Got to Explore Darlene’s Roots with a Polish Vegan Cooking Class!

After taking cooking classes in Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam, we decided to end our three months abroad with one final vegan cooking class…in Poland! As a first generation Pole, Darlene grew up eating and helping her mom make traditional Polish foods, so we were really excited about joining the crew at Polish Your Cooking for their Sunday class!

Polish Your Cooking Review

When we Googled things to do in Warsaw, one thing that kept coming up was the cooking class with Polish Your Cooking. Well, you don’t have to tell us twice to take a cooking class, and luckily they had no problem accommodating our vegan diet.

Like everything in Warsaw, the class was really close to the city center and easy to get to by local transportation and walking. We took the tram from our Airbnb, stopped off at Old Town for a bit, then had no problems getting to the building that the class was in—which happened to be an old converted prison.

Polish Your Cooking Review

Our instructor Magda greeted us and went over the things we would make and how she modified her usual recipes to be vegan for us. The menu for the day included apple pancakes and two kinds of pierogis—one called “ruskie” filled with potatoes, garlic, and onion, and the other simply filled with blueberries.

There were eight other people in our class, so it was really nice to chat and mingle with them throughout the day, which actually seemed to be a component of the class. When comparing the Polish cooking class to the others we took in Asia, the social aspect of this one was much more prominent, which is very fitting for the culture. Other classes we took focused more on making several dishes, whereas in this one we only made two things, but spent a lot of time sitting around the table talking like you would at a traditional Polish family holiday meal.

Polish Your Cooking Review

We’d like to thank our instructor Magda and everyone at Polish Your Cooking for the great experience! Dziękuję!


Polish Your Cooking Class Review


30 Photos from Our Vegan Polish Cooking Class

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