Week 11 Travel Update from Milan and Poland

After a very full week traveling through Italy last week we had one final stop in Milan this week before flying to Krakow, Poland. From there we bounced back and forth between the city and the small towns where Darlene’s family lives.

Milan was great because we got to hang out with Darlene’s cousin Kasia and her boyfriend Ben who just so happened to be vacationing in Italy at the same time. We love it when we cross paths with friends and family while traveling! (Like when we got to hang out with our friends Kaitlyn and Dallas in Vietnam after meeting them in Thailand.) We also met up with some other friends in Milan for an authentic, home-cooked Italian dinner!

Once we got to Poland we spent lots of time visiting with Babcia and Wuyak Darek (Polish for grandma and uncle.) who live in the same building and spent two separate days visiting other cousins in different cities.

During the days we weren’t hanging out with Darlene’s family we explored the city center in Krakow, and of course ate lots of great vegan food! Now that we are away from all the nature, adventure activities, and tropical weather a lot of our days  revolve around trying new vegan food. We use the Happy Cow app to find vegan (or at least vegan-friendly) restaurants and are so thankful that site and app exists. It has seriously helped SO MUCH on this trip.

Here’s some of what you will see in this week’s video update…
– We went into a massive cathedral in Milan.
– We cooked ate homemade risotto.
– We rented a car for the first time on our trip.
– We introduce the world to Babcia!
– We attempted to cross the dangerous street in Radomyśl Wielki.
– We stumbled upon a protest parade in Krakow.
– We visited Darlene’s uncle’s farm.
– We found a fire-breathing dragon.
– We captured a swan fight.


Week 11 Travel Vlog Update from Milan, Italy and Poland


30 Travel Photos from Italy and Poland

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