Our Story

Hi, we are Darlene and Fat—the couple behind Powr Cupl. We are both vegan, into health and fitness, love to travel, and are passionate about inspiring others!


On December 11th, 2016 we got married, then the next day we left our home in Long Beach, California to travel the world for six months. How’d we end up here though? Well, the best way to catch you up to speed is to give you a quick timeline of the past year and then backtrack a bit to help fill in some gaps. So here goes…

July 2, 2015 – We connected on the dating app Bumble. The intro was a little awkward, but we worked past it.


July 3, 2015 – We met in person for the first time, went for a bike ride, and then ate Thai food.

August 9, 2015 – While eating breakfast together Fat said, “I could get used to this.” Darlene was the one, and she knew it too.

September 1, 2015 – We moved in together. Personal photographs came down, and photos of us together went up to make it truly feel like our home.

November 15, 2015 – Fat met Darlene’s family in Buffalo, New York. The circumstances were unfortunate as the trip surrounded Darlene’s dad’s funeral, but Fat loved everyone, and everyone loved Fat.

November 24, 2015 – Darlene met Fat’s family in New Orleans, Louisiana. These circumstances were much better and centered around the Thanksgiving holiday, and of course Darlene loved everyone, and everyone loved Darlene.

July 1, 2016 – We went on a quick weekend getaway to Catalina Island to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Darlene was hoping Fat would propose on the trip, but Fat had other plans.

July 3, 2016 – Darlene’s mother and brother had flown in from New York for the big occasion and were waiting at the boat landing where Fat got on one knee and finally surprised Darlene with the proposal of a lifetime she had been waiting for.

August 15(ish), 2016 – We decided we would travel around the world for six months after our wedding.

September 1, 2016 – We began working on this website, largely based around our plans to travel for six months.

October 11, 2016We found out Darlene was pregnant, completely throwing off our plans for traveling. Back to the drawing board…

December 11, 2016 – We said I do while surrounded by our family and closest friends in Southern California.

December 12, 2016 – We hopped on a plane and flew to Bali to start a 201-day journey around the world that we will document on this blog while inspiring other couples to grow stronger together.


Okay, let’s back up…so how in the world did we come up with this wild plan?

Once we started planning our wedding it didn’t take long for us to start talking about a honeymoon. Thanks to a few generous gifts from our parents we were able to book flights to Bali for two weeks. However three days after the flights were purchased Darlene got let go from her full-time job—a position she had only been in for about two months. With Darlene back to working for herself and Fat working as a freelancer the idea came up to extend the honeymoon for another week or so. While bouncing around the thought of spending another $400 to change the flights Fat had somewhat of an epiphany in the shower…what if we just didn’t come back? What if we just kept traveling for two months? Three months…six months?!

If you want to read more about how the idea went from just an idea that popped into Fat’s head in the shower to a reality filled with excitement and adventure, read our post on “What Inspired Our Six-Month Trip Around The World?


Who is Darlene?

I was born in Buffalo, New York, and as a first generation Polish child, Polish was my first language. I grew up in a Polish speaking home, went to Polish school on Saturdays, went to Polish mass on Sundays, and every other year went to Poland during my summer vacation. When I was six I started school not knowing any English. Because of the huge language barrier I grew up shy and insecure and didn’t start to come out of my shell until I was a sophomore in high school.


I’ve always had a passion in health and fitness. I began my personal training career and quest for total health and fitness in 1995, which started with soccer, wrestling, and gymnastics. While studying at Buffalo State College and running on their track team I became a fitness consultant, group fitness instructor, and Pilates instructor before finishing in 2006 with a degree in health and wellness and a minor in coaching.

After college I moved to Tampa Florida, for about two years, and then went back to Buffalo. A year later, in 2010 I moved to San Francisco with no real plans—just my bike, my dog, and two suitcases. Shortly after the cross-country move I began competing in bikini competitions and coaching boot camps, then I launched an online fitness training and nutrition consulting business.

Three years later I fell out of love with San Francisco and made another move on a whim to Southern California where I soon transitioned to a vegan diet and continued to pursue my online business.

I always had the desire to to settle down and find my other half, and throughout all my moves I never felt complete. Once I landed in Southern California I got lucky and found my missing piece. I finally feel complete, and now I am and looking forward to our life together while focusing on the things I love—health, fitness, and traveling.

Darlene | Powr Cupl


Who is Fat?

I was born and raised in a small, sheltered town just outside of New Orleans and found a passion for BMX bike riding, photography, and traveling at an early age. I my dream job right after getting my degree in graphic design, said goodbye to the south, and moved to California where I enjoyed a career as a professional BMX photographer working for a magazine. After being an employee for more than five years, I decided I wanted to try my luck at working for myself, so I quit my job and pursued freelance photo and video work. My first year as a freelancer I traveled more than 120 days to a handful of countries, worked less than half the amount of time I ever did as an employee, and made more than double what my salary was at the magazine—not to mention I was able to pick up new hobbies like snorkeling, scuba diving, and rock climbing. Right after I turned 30 I transitioned to a vegan diet, discovered CrossFit, and quickly became one of those annoying people you read memes about on Facebook.


Over the years I’ve done photography and video work for companies like Red Bull, and ESPN, then went on to start a functional fitness entertainment website that I eventually sold. I also hosted a podcast for a while and had other small business projects here and there that kept my creativity flowing while helping to pay the bills.

Between my full-time job at the magazine and the freelance work that followed, I traveled non-stop for the better part of seven years. I had been to 35 countries and had countless crazy adventures, but I was satisfied with that and ready to settle down. I wanted to get a dog and find a relationship. The dog was the easy part, and by a stroke of luck it wasn’t too much longer before I found the love of my life as well. Once I had my dog and my fiancé I felt fulfilled and was ready to begin exploring the world again, so pitched the idea of an extended honeymoon and vagabonding, and of course Darlene was on board!

Getting ready to travel the world with my wife reaffirms my lifelong notion that if you dream big, set goals, and work towards them, your dreams will become reality.

Fat | Powr Cupl