Powr Cupl Profile: Ashley Seeger & Patrick Mies

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I have known Ashley since 2012 through the bikini competition team I’m a part of, Teamedge. We both have competed in the NPC bikini category and both are 6 Pack Bags affiliates. We immediately became friends. We were both on the first season of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch too! Of course Ashley is a total badass and made it to the end after I got cut. I am drawn to her badass personality—mentally and physically, but she is a total sweetheart inside and out with such a positive attitude that I love. Her story is inspiring and it makes me so happy she has found her soul mate that is perfect for her in every way. She is my role model and is the perfect example.
– Darlene

OCR Power Couple | Ashley Seeger and Patrick Mies

Ice Breakers…

Names: Ashley Seeger and Patrick John Mies II

Ages: 30 and 37

Location: Lancaster, CA and Houston, TX

Occupations: Ashley is a personal trainer, cycle, yoga and SGX coach, and Patrick is a welder.

Relationship Status: Dating for more than a year.

How did you meet?
We met in Dallas, Texas, where we both participated in Spartan HH12hR endurance event. We had mutual friends and ended up spending some good times tied up together. (Like the photo below!)

What makes you a Powr Cupl?
We both have similar goals. We want to see what we are capable of doing—not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Endurance events seem to be both of our strong suits. Patrick on the other hand likes carrying heavy shit and going slower. GORUCK Selection is his goal right now. Ashley likes to move a little and is super competitive. After her ACL injury, her comeback goal is definitely getting a top spot at next year’s World’s Toughest Mudder. Although we both like to compete, train, and eat healthy, we also love balance and enjoy some good food.

Ashley IG: @_ashleyseeger
Website: becomingbadass.me
Patrick: facebook.com/pat.miesii

OCR Power Couple | Ashley Seeger and Patrick Mies


Power 5…

What is your love language?
Being that we are in a long distance relationship we express our love with words. We are constantly saying I love you soooo much and I miss you.

How do you hope to inspire other couples?
Our hope is to inspire people and couples to never settle. We were both single for a long time and focused on our goals, never finding a match or someone that could handle us. We both were told we were too picky, but we knew what we were looking for and if someone was intimidated or couldn’t handle us then they weren’t for us. Although we are apart we knew that we had to make it work and were willing to do what it takes to make it work. And it works. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. We support each other’s endeavors and trust each other completely.

What was the lowest point in your relationship and how did you overcome the difficult times?
The lowest point is just being away from each other. The longest has been about five weeks. After about four I (Ashley) start to get a little cranky. But communication and being able to admit when we are wrong helps.

What is the best investment you have made in your relationship?
The best investment is our travel to each other. Every time we see each other our love gets stronger and stronger and that is making us stronger.

What is the key to a strong and successful relationship?
The key is communication and affection. Being able to tell each other how we are feeling and express ourselves is huge. Affection doesn’t need to be just physical, since we are apart a lot is text, phone call,s or little things. But you better believe when we are together that affection is physical! 😉

OCR Power Couple | Ashley Seeger and Patrick Mies


Just a Cupl More…

Explain your current relationship and living situation…
Right now Ashley is in California running her business and working on a facility. Patrick is currently in Houston.

How do you make the long distance relationship work?
We have no choice but to communicate. We talk every day throughout the day and make an effort to stay connected. Sending pictures and video chatting helps. We also make visiting a priority.

When you guys visit each other, how long do you stay and what’s the visit like?
Usually it is about three days over the weekend. Since Patrick has a normal job that allows weekends off, he tends to travel more to California. Running a business and teaching classes and having events on weekends makes it harder for Ashley to come out. But when it is needed, it is nice to have a little vacay to Houston. We make sure to check flights often and plan ahead. The visits take priority, so rather than buying gear or night outs with friends we can save that extra money and visit.


Both of you guys have different occupation, but have something in common you both are badass obstacle course racing athletes. How do you support each other in races?
We both love the OCR community and that is how we got started. But we both have a different direction and it allows us to support each other and relate when it comes to GO time.

Does Ashley coach Patrick for his Spartan races or does Patrick do things on his own?
Patrick doesn’t do Spartans as much anymore. He usually races or does events that are more than 12 hours long. But when he is here he participates in Ashley’s classes and is a huge fan. We always train when we are together. If we are running or doing something outdoors we usually stick together, but in the gym we do our own thing.

What is the best way for your partner to show support after you have won a race? How about after you have lost a race?
The best way is to just be proud of each other no matter the outcome. If we lose or don’t do what we set out to do we can just be support and be there when the other is ready to talk about it. But we also know we can snap each other out of a bad place and give a different perspective.

What kind of things do you do as a couple that don’t involve racing?
We love food! Cooking it, eating it, and finding new places. Movies, napping and coffee, too. Haha.

OCR Power Couple | Ashley Seeger and Patrick Mies

Can you give our readers some tips on how to make a long distance relationship work?
Don’t let the distance intimidate you. If you truly love each other you will find anyway to make it work. Have faith in the person and the relationship and when visiting make sure to give all the love!

Do you have any tips for couples that want to race or compete together?
Again, communication is huge. We are doing a team event in January and this will be a great test. We will have to communicate and deal with all the traits we have when in competition mode. Well, at least Patrick will have to deal with Ashley haha!