Week 12 Travel Update from Krakow, Poland

After a week of laying low and visiting family, this week in Krakow, Poland we had a mix of sightseeing, working out, and exploring the city’s best vegan restaurants.

Best Photos of Krakow, Poland

One day we did a short trip to Zakopane where we went to the top of the mountain. The photos and video look much more glamorous that it felt, but we’ll spare you the tiresome details of how crowded it was and how much it cost to get there. There’s no denying it was beautiful though, so that’s what we will choose to remember!

Another day was spent visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp. As you can imagine, it was very heavy and emotional. For the first time during this trip we decided to post a second photo gallery in our weekly update because it just doesn’t feel right to mix photos of Auschwitz in with beautiful landscapes of mountains and castles.

During the week we could feel our three month trip winding down and our minds started to shift back towards life at home.

But it ain’t over yet! So until then here’s some of what you will see in this week’s video update…
– We climbed a mound to get a great view of Krakow.
– We visited the local market.
– We found out that crack doesn’t actually kill, but it’s still really gross.
– We reviewed what our guilty, gluten-filled pleasure has been the past few weeks.
– We almost froze to death on a mountain.
– We checked out a CrossFit gyms in Krakow.
– We visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp.


Week 12 Travel Vlog Update from Krakow, Poland


20 Best Photos of Krakow, Poland


15 Photos of Auschwitz Concentration Camp

All photos by Fat. Please only repost with proper attribution to @PowrCupl and @FatTonyBMX.