Week 10 Travel Update from Rome and Florence, Italy

Our tenth week of traveling began our European adventures and was split between Rome and Florence with a day trip to Pisa to end the week. Since leaving Asia the amount of things that changed literally overnight was unbelievable…the weather, the food, the architecture, and of course the prices!

These things also changed the type of traveling and activities we did. Instead of motorbikes and cheap Ubers or taxis we took buses and subways. Instead of hiking to waterfalls and eating fresh fruit from street-side carts we walked around ancient cities and ate at expensive restaurants.

We weren’t prepared for the sticker shock that Italy brought! Our rough budget of $55 per day was quickly eaten (pardon the pun) by lunch and a snack. And that doesn’t include other meals, lodging, transportation, or activities—all of which were exponentially more expensive as well. It’s safe to say we went over double our budget every day.

Finance stresses aside, we were amazed by the incredible sights of Italy, and we absolutely loved the vegan food we found! It wasn’t always as easy to find as in Bali or Thailand, but when we found the good stuff…my god was it good!

This week we went into full-on tourist mode—pretty much the exact opposite of the last two weeks in Vietnam where we laid low and lived like locals. Since we don’t have much time in Italy we wanted to see as much as possible, so the week kind of felt like a traditional vacation within our extended travels.

Here’s some of what you will see in this week’s video update…
– Our luggage got lost en route to Italy from Vietnam and didn’t arrive for two days.
– We visited the Colliseum, Vatican City Museum (including the Sistine Chapel), the Statue of David, the Duomo, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
– We learned some Italian.
– We found authentic Italian food…vegan style!
– We attempted to find a dress for our baby.
– Fat made lots of great puns and jokes.
– Darlene attempted to fit in with the locals with some bright pink lipstick.


Week 10 Travel Vlog Update from Rome, Florence, and Pisa, Italy


45 Travel Photos from Italy

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