Here’s Everything Darlene Packed For Our Three-Month Trip Around The World

How does a pregnant woman pack for a three month trip around the world? Well, everyone is different, but my computer and prenatal vitamins were my top priority. Here’s a list of everything I brought on our journey, including my favorite must-have items, and a few things I wish wouldn’t have brought.

I think I did pretty good packing for this trip, especially for being a girl and pregnant, haha! As I write this we are about 75 days into the trip and I’ve only had to buy a few things as my belly got bigger and as we prepared to go to colder weather, and luckily clothes are super cheap in Asia. I haven’t had to get rid of anything, and there’s nothing I didn’t bring that I really wish I would have.

When we are going from place to place my big pack weighs about 23lbs, and the weight of my day pack varies depending on the snacks and water I bring, but usually around 8lbs.

– Darlene

How to Travel Around the World With Just a Backpack (For Her)

What Backpacks Do I Use?

– I got a cheap backpack off Ebay for about $38, but you get what you pay for because it’s falling apart and the waist strap ripped when we had to check our bags for a flight.  Overall it’s been convenient for this trip, but I will throw it out once we are back in the US. The bag reads “65L”, but there’s no way it’s that big. Again, you get what you pay for!
– My Day pack is from REI


What’s Inside My Day Pack?

– In my orange bag:
– Vegan Omega DHA vitamins
– Daily contacts
USANA Prenatal vitamins (orange and white, it’s a combo pack)
– B12 vitamins
Bucky Gusto inflatable travel pillow
NAP eye mask (in Ziploc bag)
– Foam ear plugs in plastic pill case
– 2 Tupperware bowls
– 2 Travel sporks
– Oakley sunglasses
– Aquaphor lip balm
– Tea Tree chapstick
– Citronella oil
– Mosquito repellant
– Pads for preggo leaking
– Hand sanitizer
– Water bottle
– iPhone 5 with LifeProof case
– Travel brush
– Ricola cough drops
– Patagonia windbreaker jacket
– Apple MacBook Air with STM case
– 1TB USB external hard drive
– Apple computer charger
– Back up copies of important documents like ID, credit cards, etc. (In Ziploc bag that worked great until it went through the washing machine.)
– Fat’s international driving permit in Ziploc bag
– Credit cards with mileage points in Ziplog bag


How Do I Pack My Backpack?

Packing cube for clothes
Packing cube for accessories
– Packing bag of socks/underwear
GHD hair straightner
Ankle resistance bands
– 2016/2017 planner with ink pen
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book
Sea to Summit toiletries bag with toiletries
– New Balance running sneakers
Bogs waterproof sandals


What Clothing Did I Pack?

– REI hiking pants
– Lululemon crop leggings
– Champion C9 brand v-neck short sleeve shirt
– Champion C9 brand long sleeve shirt
– 10 pairs of underwear (some are stuffed in the Powr Cupl mugs)
– 5 pairs of socks (some are stuffed in the Powr Cupl mug)
– 2 bikinis
– H&M winter hat
– Lululemon zip-up long sleeve
– 1 pair of Wip long socks
– 2 Powr Cupl mugs
– 4 tank tops (2 Powr Cupl, 1 Champion C9 gym tank, 1 Paradise)
– 5 pairs of shorts (2 reebok, 2 Lululemon, 1 Underarmor)
– 3 sports bras (Lululemon and Forever 21)
– Black summer dress from Victoria’s Secret


What Accessories Did I Pack?

– Prescription eyeglasses
– Z pack antibiotics (Doctor prescribed it incase I need it during travels.)
– Lysine vitamins
– 2  Countrybound travel towels (large and medium)
– 2 sleeping bag liners (One for both of us)
– Fat’s 2XU compression pants
– First aid kit that includes…
– 1 roll of @SuperClearyPhoto Goat athletic tape
– Tube of Neosporin
– A handful of Band Aids
– Ginger capsules
– DayQuil capsules
– NyQuil capsules (For Fat, not for me)
– Tylenol (For Fat, not for me)
– Ibuprofen (For Fat, not for me)
– 1TB USB external hard drive
– Daily contact lenses


What Toiletries Did I Pack?

– Goody hair ties
– Ultrathon Mosquito cream
– Razor
– Brush
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Sense mask
– Toothbrush in plastic holder
– 3 silicon band wedding rings
– Samples of shampoo and conditioner for back up
– Cleansing wipes
– Cotton rounds
– Chapstick
– Another sample of shampoo and conditioner for back up
– Pantene hair serum
– Sense face wash
– Degree deoderant
Honest Belly Balm
– Tea tree oil
– Contact case
– Dentek floss pack
– Cotton swaps
– Bag Balm cream
– Another tube of lip balm
– Make up (I have different favorites for brands… Covergirl three-tone eyeshadow for hazel eyes, Maybelline color tattoo meta, 24hr pink ink shade, Neutrogena 3-in-1 concealer, Almay black eyeliner, Almay black liquid eyeliner, eyelash curler, Maybelline big lash black mascara)
– Mac shadow brush
– Reach floss
– Sample of perfume called Flower Bomb (My FAVE)
– Daily contacts


Other Things I Picked Up While Traveling…

– Bodywash
– Garnier Face wash
– Coconut oil
– Toothbrush with toothpaste from our Viceroy Resort
– Cotton swabs from our Viceroy Resort
– Razor with shaving cream from our Viceroy Resort
– 2 shower caps from our Viceroy Resort

– Blue max dress-from Thailand
– Tie-dyed dress-from Bali
– Bali hippy travel pants
– Aprons from cooking class
– Crocheted bra top from Bali
– Elephant metal trinket from Viceroy Resort
– 2 dresses for our little girl from Bali and Thailand
(Not pictured are the things I bought for the colder weather after we shot these photos…)
– The North Face 3-in-1 winter jacket
– Sweat pants
– 3 pairs of thick/long socks
– Another pair of leggings
– Nike sneakers that fit with the big socks better since my feet are swelling now because of the pregnancy.
(Also not pictured are the things we had to buy when our luggage didn’t arrive on time in Rome…)
– A short sleeve t-shirt from H&M
– A dress from H&M
– 3 pairs of underwear from Victoria’s Secret

Krabi, Thailand Travel Photos | Powr Cupl


5 Basic Things I Love The Most

– My Bogs sandals. They are not so stylish looking, but they are great for hikes, wet rocks, and going in the water. They have a non slip grip, which is awesome.
– Oakley sunglasses
– Apple MacBook Air
Packing cubes
Ankle resistance bands for working out


5 Extras I’m Happy I Brought

– Patagonia windbreaker jacket. Love it because it’s packable and it was great for our rainy days in Bali and Thailand.
– Back up USB charger. It was only $5 at Target and def came in handy.
– Prenatal, DHA Vitamins, and Daily contact lenses.
Travel towels because some places we stayed at didn’t have towels. They dry fast and are small, so they are easy to pack.
– Lots of underwear and lining pads, haha. #PregnancyProblems

Chiang Rai, Thailand | Powr Cupl | Photo by Fat


4 Things I Wish I Didn’t Bring

Hair Straightener
I was planning to use it in Europe, which I did and it was great, but it blew out in Italy the second time I used it.

Power Cupl Mugs
I thought we’d use them more while traveling, but they just took up space and I always had to pack them delicately, which was annoying.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
I thought I would read more, but I was more on my computer working or being distracted with social media.

– My Schedule Planner
Fat told me a million times not to bring it, but I didn’t listen, haha.

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