Here’s Everything Fat Packed For Our Three-Month Trip Around The World

How do you pack for a three-month trip around the world? Well, everyone is different, but as a professional photographer, my camera and computer gear take top priority (along with most of the weight and space in my pack). Here’s a list of everything I took on our journey, including things purchased en-route, my favorite must-have items, and a few I wish I left at home.

Overall I did pretty good packing for this trip. Sure I made a few small mistakes like spending too much money on the nylon shopping bag (there are others much cheaper), but as I write this we are about 60 days into the trip, and I haven’t had to buy a bunch of other things, didn’t have to unload anything useless, and there’s really nothing else I need that I didn’t bring.

Oh, and be on the lookout for Darlene’s packing list (for her) soon too!

– Fat

How to Travel Around the World With Just a Backpack (For Him)

What Backpacks Do I Use?

This is how my bags look every time we move from place to place. I usually carry a grocery bag with snacks too…we love snacks. The big pack weighs about 45lbs, and the day pack is somewhere around 10lbs.

The North Face Terra 65 Liter Exploration Backpack
Fox Head Portage Hydration Pack (Day Pack)


What’s Inside My Day Pack?

This is everything I keep in my day pack as we travel from place to place. I take out a lot of these things once we get to a destination and pack it with whatever I need for each day.

– Sun hat (foldable, washable)
NAP sleeping mask (in Ziploc bag)
– Foam ear plugs in plastic pill case
– iPhone backup charger
– GoPro mount for tripod
– GoPro standard foot mount
– Fox wallet with driver’s license, credit card, debit card, and cash
– FOX sunglasses in Reebok case/bag
– iPhone charger
– GoPro charging cable
Bucky Gusto inflatable travel pillow
– Aluminum water bottle with spare rubber bands
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil 13L dry sack
Seagate 2TB portable external hard drive with USB cable, packed in a can koozie and a Ziploc bag
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil collapsable tote bag
– MacBook Pro charger
– Spare camera and GoPro battery in Ziploc bag
– Ginger capsules (to help with upset stomach)
– Passports and extra passport photos in Ziploc bag
– Two extra Ziploc bags
– Champion collapsable wind breaker
– iPhone 5 with LifeProof case (Not pictured… Woops, I forgot it.)


How Do I Pack My Backpack?

This is everything I keep in my backpack. Having everything in a different case or pouch helps so much.

– Lowepro camera bag (with all my camera gear)
G-Form computer case with my laptop
– Canon lens case for my large lens
– Oakley accessory bag with random travel and electronics accessories
Packing cube for clothes
– UGP toiletries bag with toiletries
Zomei tripod


What Clothes and Shoes Did I Pack?

Yep, this is really all the clothes I brought to travel around the world for three months. I will buy a few more warm items in Vietnam just before leaving for Italy where it will be much colder.

(Inside a generic brand packing cube.)
– Reef flip flops (Purchased before I became concours about purchasing shoes that don’t consent leather.)
Nike Roshe One shoes
– Fox beanie
– Champion C9 long sleeve moisture-wicking t-shirt
– Countrybound travel towel set (large, medium, and small)
– Everest fanny pack
– 1 pair of Lulu Lemon ABC Pants
– 4 pairs of Reebok boxer brief underwear
– Bladder removed from Fox hydration pack (I never used it, and it kept getting in the way. Plus, the monkeys liked to try to pull and bite it.)
– 4 T-shirts (2 Powr Cupl, 1 Reebok Crossfit, 1 Starter)
– 2 pairs of Fox athletic shorts (that can be worn to swim in also)
– 4 pairs of Fox ankle socks
– 2 pairs of Wip long socks


What Camera and Computer Gear Did I Pack?

Most of the weight in my backpack comes from this section right here. I should also note that Darlene usually carry’s the GoPro in her daypack because there’s a really convenient spot for it.

Canon 5D Mark III camera body with Canon CPS strap (Not pictured since I was using it to take the pictures.)
– Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 USM lens with hood (version 1) (Not pictured since I was using it to take the pictures.)
GoPro Super Suit dive housing for Hero5 Black (in sunglasses case so it won’t get scratched)
– GoPro head mount (that I realized was broken when I shot this photo, so I threw it away)
– 2 GoPro sticky pads (packed in a GoPro suction cup bag)
GoPro Hero5 Black (with homemade selfie stick)
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM (No IS) lens with carrying case
– Canon 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens
Canon 14mm f/2.8 wide angle lens (version 1)
– Apple 17″ MacBook Pro
G-Form laptop case
Apple Magic Mouse 2 in a neoprene case
K&F Concept ND and polarizing filters in carrying case
– Skullcandy headphones in carrying case
– Canon battery charger and spare battery (with second and third battery in the camera and in my day pack)
IOGEAR memory card reader with USB cable
– Random CF, Micro SD and SD memory cards in a carrying case
– Generic brand remote for Canon cameras
Zomei Q555 Aluminum tripod with ball head


What Travel Accessories Did I Pack?

A handful of random items I didn’t want to leave home without that all fit nicely into a pouch.

– REI money belt
– Power converter with international outlet adapters
– Two head lamps
– Lots of foam ear plugs in a Ziploc bag
Coghlan’s adjustable bungee clothes line
– Reebok sunglasses case
– USB cigarette lighter adapter
– 32GB USB flash drive
– 8 Energizer AAA batteries in a Ziploc bag
– Travel alarm clock
Bestek power strip with two outlets and two USB ports
– Zomei pouch for the tripod ball head
– Two combination locks

What Toiletries Did I Pack?

The basics and essentials to maintain feeling human.

– 3 silicon band wedding rings in a Ziploc bag
– Nail clippers
– Visine eye drops
– Degree deodorant
– Toothbrush in plastic holder
– SPF 70 sunscreen lotion
– Nasonex nasal spray for allergies
– Schick razor
– 1 bar of Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap in Coghlan’s soap holder
– Astepro nasal spray for allergies
Nutrasumma B-12 spray
– SPF 30 sunscreen lotion
– 2 sticks of lip balm
– 90 generic brand Allegra allergy pills in a Ziploc bag
– Cotton swabs in a Ziploc bag
– Toothpick flossers
– Tops of Maine toothpaste
– Small carabiner
– Rubber band ring that my niece made for me a few years ago. I haven’t traveled without it since.
– Ginger capsules
– Malaria medicine (that I forgot to take in Thailand)
– Diarrhea medicine
– Wahl beard and mustache trimmer with charger in a pouch


Other Things I Packed (That Darlene Is Carrying in Her Bag)

It’s not that I don’t have room for these things, but she has a lot more room than me, they are light, and the pants fit nicely into our coffee mugs.

X2U compression pants rolled in a small pouch
– Sleeping bag liner in a pouch
– Small pouch for “first aide” kit that includes…
– 1 Roll of @SuperClearyPhoto Goat athletic tape
– Tube of Neosporin
– A handful of Band Aids
– Ginger capsules
– DayQuil capsules
– NyQuil capsules
– Tylenol
– Ibuprofen


 Things I Bought While Traveling

All of these things were purchased or picked up along the way at various places since we’ve been traveling. Pretty much everything shown here stays inside my toiletries bag.

– 2 bandage compression wraps
– Super glue (to fix Darlene’s broken sandal)
– Moisturizing lotion
– 2 small bars of soap from random hotels
– 2 small bottles of shampoo from a hotel
– Travel sized toothpaste from a hotel
– Bug repellent lotion from Viceroy Bali Resort
– Vitamin C pills
– Toothbrush from a hotel
– Tiger Balm for sore muscles after working out
– Off! mosquito repellent, because duh…


5 Basic Things I Love The Most

– Fox athletic shorts
– Quality sunglasses
– Comfortable shoes
– Camera with the 24-70 lens
– Computer

Chiang Mai, Thailand | Powr Cupl

My Fox shorts are great for everything! Even surfing!


5 Extras I’m Happy I Brought

– Back up USB Charger
It only cost $5 and luckily Darlene already had it. I never would have bought one myself, but it has come in handy a lot with the iPhone and GoPro.

– Good Tripod
I’ve always traveled with super cheap plastic tripods. I was always afraid of breaking them and didn’t want anything heavy. I finally broke down and spent the money for a nicer one right before this trip, and I’m so glad I did. The extra weight isn’t a big deal, and the tripod is so much better than the cheap ones I’ve traveled with in the past.

– Bungee Clothesline
We’ve only used this a handful of times, but it was cheap, doesn’t take up much space, and when you need it, it works really great.

– Sun Hat
I bought this the day before we left (the morning of our wedding day) at Target for about $17. Not only does it do a good job of keeping the sun off me, but it also helps cover up my bald spot and the rest of my hair when it’s messy. Why is it messy? Well, after it gets long and I need a hair cut, I can’t make it look that good. Also, after you take off a motorbike helmet, your hair is messed.

– Wireless Camera Remote
The remote for my camera weighs about as much as two quarters and isn’t much bigger. It’s great for taking selfies or for firing the camera during slow shutter shots.

Bali Travel Photos | Powr Cupl

Getting a slow shutter, vertical photo like this would be next to impossible with a cheap tripod like I’ve used in the past. This shot was also taken with the wireless remote trigger.


5 Things I Wish I Didn’t Bring

– Fanny Pack (And Money Belt)
They are both similar in design and function and I haven’t used either one and don’t foresee using them.

– GoPro Dive Housing
I bought it because I thought I’d go scuba diving in Bali. I didn’t go diving, so it was a waste of about $45.

– Travel Locks
I’ve used locks on trips in the past, but usually only when staying in dorm rooms. So far we’ve only used these two times, and both of those times weren’t really necessary. Not only were they a waste of money, but these are the second ones I bought because the first ones to arrive from Amazon were broken. Maybe we will use them in Europe though?

– Malaria Medicine
I completely forgot to take my malaria meds while we were in Thailand. They were definitely a waste of a trip to the health clinic and drug store, and a waste of money, too.

– Travel Clock
I actually love having a clock with us, but reason this is on the list is because I got a crappy clock. The one we have doesn’t have any kind of light to see at night, it’s not loud enough to wake us up, and it’s too easy to hit the buttons on the back, so when it’s packed it’s constantly getting set, turned on/off, etc.

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