Week 8 Travel Update From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As Darlene’s baby bump grows and we approach our two-month mark on the go, we are slowing down a little bit. This week we were in Ho Chi Minh City attempting to live like locals. We stayed at our own apartment away from the city center, bought groceries, cooked traditional Vietnamese food (even though we didn’t know how…yet), and most importantly, hung out with some friends!

It just so happened that our friends Kaitlyn and Dallas were in town as well, so we got to meet up with them three times! We originally connected with them through Instagram (@Budget_Travelers) and had lunch in Krabi about four weeks ago. And just by coincidence our plans overlapped again. We had a great time getting to know them and wish them well as they end their eight months abroad and move to New Zealand to start their new life.

Just like in Bangkok during week seven, we didn’t do any hiking or hit any tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, but we did achieve our goal of experiencing a new city and culture through the eyes of someone who lives there. We are amazed at how much you can see, do, and learn just by going about our daily activities.

During our ninth week of traveling we won’t have a weekly update, so to help fill in the gap, here’s the scoop…

We will still be in HCMC and we will stay with one of Darlene’s old high school friends who lives there. We still don’t plan on doing any tourist activities, but we do have some cool content planned for the blog, so stay tuned! We will also be prepping to leave behind Asia’s heat and humidity as we make our way to Europe to begin some much colder adventures in Rome, Italy.

Here’s some of what you will see in this week’s video update…
– We show off our sick $22/night Air BNB in District 7.
– We learned how to (and how not to) walk across the crazy roads in HCMC.
– We attempted to make Vietnamese Pho.
– We got in three workouts…two of them on the roof of the apartment!
– We show you what it’s like to grocery shop in Vietnam.
– We walked around the big Ben Tanh market in Ho Chi Minh.
– We visited the Vietnam War Remnants Museum.
– We tried a handful of new veggie restaurants!


Week 8 Travel Vlog Update from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


0 Travel Photos from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Missing our photo gallery this week? Sorry! Like we said, we didn’t do much! Haha! So here’s a quick photo of us at the Air BNB apartment, one with our friends @Budget_Travelers on the rooftop, and one in the back of a cab!