We Went Into a Float Tank!

On the final week of our three and a half month trip around the world we were bouncing around between Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas visiting Fat’s family. While in the South we made a stop at Levitate Float Center in Hammond, Louisiana to have our first experience in a float tank!

Float tanks (also called sensory deprivation tanks) are big chambers filled with about a foot and a half of water that contains roughly 800lbs of salt. When you get into the tank you lay down and the salt keeps you floating. (Sounds impossible, but it works!) It is completely dark, there’s no sound, and because you’re floating and the water is the same temperatures as your skin, you can’t feel anything to the touch—essentially it deprives you of all of your senses.

We both had heard about float tanks and were always curious about them, but for some reason we just hadn’t done one…until now.

It was really easy to book the float on Levitate’s website and the owner Ryan was super cool. He walked us through how everything worked, then left us to have our experience. Since they have two tanks there were were both able to float at the same time for about an hour each.

When we were done we felt like we had the mind-relaxing experience of a great yoga class combined with the body-relaxing experience of a full-body massage—it was incredible!

If you’re in the Southern Louisiana area, make sure you look up Levitate! And if you’re not, try looking up a float center near you…we highly recommend it and can’t wait to do it again!

Thanks again to Levitate Float Center for the opportunity!