FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main goal of your trip?

Simply put, to experience life together, explore new places, and grow stronger together in our relationship as newlyweds. We want to see and do things that we’ve always dreamed of. We love the beauty of nature, the excitement of new cultures, and trying new things, so we are looking forward to all the unknown adventures that lie ahead.


Why did you start this blog?

We’ve both been content creators for a really long time in some way or another, so once we committed to leaving the country for six months, the idea of a travel blog came very naturally as a way to keep our family and friends updated on what we are doing. Then, since both of us are very creative and entrepreneurial, it wasn’t long until our simple “travel blog” idea snowballed into a lifestyle brand centered around inspiring couples to grow stronger together.


How Do You Plan Fund a Trip Around The World?

Here’s the short answer: wedding gift money, selling personal belongings, cutting expenses, renting out our condo fully furnished, doing freelance work while traveling, getting creative with frequent flyer miles, and having a solid back up plan with multiple safety nets in place. If you want to read more about this, we have a whole blog post on it here that goes into detail and even includes our budget sheet. We also plan to make posts during our trip about how our finances pan out, so be on the lookout for those!


Why did you choose the specific destinations you did?

We had originally purchased tickets to and from Bali for a typical two-week honeymoon. Once Darlene got let go from her full-time job and we decided we didn’t need to come home after just two weeks it made sense for us to stick with Bali as our starting point since we already have a flight there. The other destinations started to fall into place after that based on where they were on the map and how badly we’ve wanted to go there.

Fat had been to Thailand twice and was dying to bring Darlene there, so that was in. From there, Vietnam is pretty close, so that seemed like a good choice. Fat always wanted to see the Great Wall of China, so we decided to go through Hong Kong and up through China. Darlene had her sights on Greece and Italy, so we put those countries on the itinerary. Darlene’s family is from Poland and her grandmother still lives there, so that was a given. Fat wanted to go see the fjords in Norway, so taking a train through Germany, Denmark, and Sweden seemed like a good way to get there. And finally after several friends told us we had to go to Iceland, we decided to tack that on the end before flying back to the U.S. where we plan to visit both of our families before making our way back home to California.

Update: Since we found out Darlene is pregnant, some places got cut out based on cost and desire.

To follow our itinerary click here.

Power Couple | Darlene & Fat


Will you both stay vegan while traveling abroad?

Of course! Eating a plant-based diet is our lifestyle, and we have no plans of changing that because of traveling, or anything else.


Will it be hard to find vegan food while traveling in foreign countries?

When you eat a plant-based diet and focus on things like no preservatives, little sugar, and non-processed ingredients, it’s always more work to find suitable options when compared to someone that is content eating fast food. With that said, finding healthy, vegan food is so much of a part of life that we don’t see this as much of an obstacle—it’s just part of our life. We are sure there will be instances that pop up along the way that will make for good stories though, so we’ll keep you posted!


What are you doing with your dog?

Unfortunately Hercules can’t come with us—it’s just not practical and it wouldn’t be good for him or for us. We reached out to our friends on social media and said we were looking for someone that would love to bring Herc in as their own for six months, and a couple of friends right down the road were more than happy to have him. For the six months while we are traveling Hercules will be playing and wrestling with Chewy and we’ll get photo and video updates from Sebastian and Katie along the way. Thanks again guys!

To learn more about the obstacles we faced while planning our trip click here.


Are you planning to work while traveling?

Although “work” can have a number of definitions to different people, we’re going to assume we know what you’re talking about… We don’t necessarily plan to get typical jobs in any of the places we visit, but we are open to the idea of trying things out here and there, trading work for food or lodging, or volunteering our time to causes we believe in.

As far as creating income while we travel, here’s what that will (hopefully) look like… Darlene provides online nutrition consulting, vegan meal plans, and training programs for clients all around the world, so she will continue to do that while we travel. In addition, Darlene creates workouts for a mobile fitness app called Skimble, so she will be able to continue that from the road. We also have an e-book called The Affordable Vegan Diet that we will continue to sell through Darlene’s website. Fat is a professional photographer and video producer with a background in graphic design, so there is potential for him to do some work from the road as well if the right client comes along.

Of course, we also hope that Powr Cupl brings in some money while we travel. You can purchase the shirts, hoodies, and mugs we have in our store, and check out a few other ways you can support us through our different affiliate programs.


More questions will be added to this page as we get them!

If you have a question, we’d love to hear from you!