Darlene’s Epic Maternity Photo Shoot! (30 Photos)

Man, are we stoked about these! I’ve been a full-time professional photographer for more than 10 years, but have never shot a maternity session…until now.

We kicked around the idea of hiring someone to shoot our maternity photos for about two weeks. After sifting through dozens of Instagram accounts, Yelp pages, and websites we decided we’d rather not spend the money on something I could do myself.

The two main reasons we considered hiring someone is because 1) we wanted photos with both of us in them, and 2) I had never done a maternity (or engagement or portrait or wedding) session like this  and honestly I just didn’t want to blow it and feel like a dud.

We planned to shoot on two different days, at two different locations, and with two different outfits. The intention was that the first day would be a little more laid back and somewhat of a practice session. The photos from that first shoot came out great, which made us even more excited about the second shoot because we knew that one would be even better. (Check out Darlene’s 35 Week Prego Log to see those first photos from Huntington Beach.)

For the second shoot we went to Laguna Beach and Darlene’s friend Rachel came to help get some shots with both of us. We had a fun, flowy maternity gown and once the camera came out and the sun started to lower, magic happened!

Here are the results! We hope you like them as much as we do!

30 Epic Maternity Photos

All photos by Fat. Please only repost with proper attribution to @PowrCupl and @FatTonyBMX.