Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 38

The countdown begins! I am in the final stretch and just finished week 38 of my pregnancy, heading into 39 weeks. My doctor said I am making a lot of progress. According to babycenter.com Maui is now the length of a leek—about 19 1/2 inches long, and weighs about 6.8 pounds. She has a firm grasp, which I will soon be able to test when I hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

At this point in the pregnancy I still feel great and have energy, but I started to notice some pregnancy symptoms. Deep in my right hip is bothering me, which I know her head got deeper in there. So when I sit for a while and stand up, I notice the stiffness of walking and will waddle, haha. When I work out and do a lunge with my right leg forward, I can’t go low because she is in the way. Also, when I sleep on my left side and try to roll over to the right side to go to the bathroom, it is quite a process. After a couple of days I figured out a new way to get out of bed without it bothering me. As I mentioned on my previous Prego Logs, I like to alternate my sleeping sides between bathroom breaks. I think it’s good for the body to even out the hips, shoulders, and neck. With all these new changes of how I am feeling, it’s getting better, and I figure out new solutions by being aware of my body. This is another reason why I think the pregnancy process is preparation for the big day of being a parent…you just learn to figure it out and make it work.

(WARNING: This may be TMI again, but it’s reality of how the body works.) Another thing I have noticed this week is I am leaking more from my breasts, but this time it’s different. During my 23-25th week of pregnancy I woke up with my shirt wet, and when it dried it was stiff. I haven’t had that problem recently, but now I feel the colostrum leaking in action when I go on my pee breaks in the middle of the night or in the morning! My breasts grew even more and are hanging lower. Colostrum is what is produced in the early days of breastfeeding. It’s sticky, high in protein and carbs, but low in fat. Overall I guess that’s good news, because I hear some people have trouble producing it, so I’m happy my body is prepping for the big day.

37 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

We are featured in the May/June issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine!

I worked out six days in a row again at Xtend Barre in Seal Beach and feel great. Like I mentioned, when doing lunge on my right side is difficult, but I still do it without going as low as the other side. I love the class because I get to work on my hip rotation, balance, and breathing. Not to mention it’s great cardio! I sweat so much that my hair is soaked and it’s dripping off my eyelids. I have been pushing myself mentally to get me prepared for the big day. Also in class I am still able to put my leg over the bar, which feels great for the deeper stretch.

On my last days of my 38th week pregnancy I decided to add some jumping jacks and plank jacks, which felt great. I was light on my feet and focused on my pace and breathing. I stopped adding jumps from my 34th week until now because I didn’t want to take the chance of speeding up the labor process. I want her to grow in my belly and still develop what she needs to, but now since I am in my final week and she is fully developed I need to thin my cervix.

During last week’s doctor appointment, my doctor suggested walking more. Well, I definitely increased my walking. Thursday my best friend Rachel came over and we walked for a total of six miles. We walked along the beautiful beach for three miles, had an awesome vegan lunch at The Spot Cafe, then walked back.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Walking past the pedestrian counter in Long Beach.

On Saturday I did more walking… First I walked several blocks to and from the beach, down and up a hill in Manhattan beach where we went to hang out with my friend Rachelle’s for her birthday. Then later on our Date Night we walked to a new vegan restaurant called Under the Sun that’s a half mile away. I feel like walking has been helping since I had contractions Thursday night, Saturday evening, and pretty much all day Sunday. So these Braxton Hicks contractions just mean more progress for my dilation.

This past Monday I had another doctor appointment to check my dilation and cervix progress. My weight has not changed for the last three weeks, which is great news. Since my doctor was worried that I gained 40 pounds during the pregnancy, she wanted me to lose weight, and cut my food portions. So even though my weight hasn’t changed, it still means I lost weight, because as Maui is growing each week. I am losing weight based on my workouts and my meals. My blood pressure is still good, and my doctor is happy with my progress. Last week I was 1cm dilated, my cervix was thick, and the baby had dropped. This week I was 2cm dilated, my cervix was thinner, and she said the baby’s head right between my pelvis and super low, which explains why my groin was sore on Sunday.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

My friend Rachelle, the birthday girl!

Since I am making huge progress and getting close to the due date, my doctor wants to see me again on Thursday to see how much I have progressed. Right now it’s just a waiting game to see when she decides to make an appearance. It’s so crazy to think I will be holding her soon. Next week’s Prego Log could either be about having Maui or just another update on how things are going.

I still didn’t have any cravings this week. As long as I have some type of fruit I am happy. My vegan meal plan this week was about 90% clean. I just strayed a few times when I went out to eat with my friend and for Date Night.

This week I decided to have some “me time”. My friend Jane does eyelash extensions and wanted to give me a baby gift, so she came over to hang out and did my eyelashes. They are long and full, which I love because I don’t have to wear eye makeup and put mascara on. I just wake up and feel beautiful. I am thankful for the gift because when Maui is born I can still feel and look beautiful, especially when I have some rough nights. I also got some waxing done, haha. Not because of the labor process, but more because I know when she is born I will need time to heal, and it’s summer, so I’d rather be fresh. I also realized that waxing doesn’t hurt while pregnant like it normally does. I guess it’s is another way to prep for the labor process, haha.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Getting my eyelashes done. Thanks, Jane!

Since Maui’s room is ready I did some final organization with the drawers and the diaper bag for the hospital. I have her Powr Baby onsie packed up with a matching flower headband for her first debut. If you are having a baby or know a friend that is having a baby, support us and get them a Powr Baby onsie! Let’s build a Powr Baby community! So everything is ready and our hospital bags are packed with a list of last minute items to grab…

I feel like my entire pregnancy has been very smooth, but I was worried that the last two weeks would be more difficult since I keep hearing pregnant women saying it’s the hard part and they feel like they can’t do anything anymore and just want the baby out. I feel the opposite. I thought shaving my legs will be hard, but it’s super easy. I still can shave the same way as I did before. Picking things up from the floor is easy too. It’s all about squatting properly to pick things up. I pick things up the same way as I did before because it’s important to protect the back. I think working out, staying active, and being healthy before pregnancy and throughout pregnancy has helped a lot. Even though this week I noticed I can’t lunge low on my right side or turning to my right side was difficult in the beginning. They are just minor things I can’t control because her head is just in there, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s just part of life and you need to figure out how to make it work and not make it a bad day. I always try to look for the positive things.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Saturday’s birthday beach crew!

Oh, one last thing I need to throw in here…I now hate the smell of Braggs Liquid Aminos, haha! (It’s like soy sauce if you’ve never heard of it.) Fat puts it in his dinner, and ever since I became pregnant I am not a fan of the smell for some reason. But again, it’s part of life and not the end of the world. I just have to deal with it for 15 minutes a day out of 24hrs in the day. If I can handle that, I can handle labor, haha.

Alright guys, that is a wrap! Next week may (or may not) be a completely different type of Prego Log! To check out my meals and workout for the week look below.

Vegan Prenatal Workout Routine

My workouts this week were all barre classes at Xtend Barre in Seal Beach.


Prenatal Vegan Meals for 37 Weeks Pregnant

Check out how we do our vegan meal prep for the week!

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: Oats, peanut butter, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and banana.

Meal 2: Apple and a homemade energy ball with a glass of unsweetened soy milk.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Want the recipes for our homemade energy balls? Email me!

Meal 3: Baked tofu, sweet potatoes, organic peas, and cauliflower with onions.

Meal 4: It varied…apple, strawberries, dried mangos, or my pineapple, mango, banana smoothie with a rice cake and peanut butter.

Meal 5: Mediterranean style salad with mixed greens, quinoa, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, cucumber, carrots, falafel, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Meal 6: Homemade energy ball with a glass of unsweetened soy milk.

38 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Part of our Date Night dinner at Under The Sun—Downtown Long Beach’s newest raw, vegan restaurant. Yum!

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