Week 6 Travel Update From Chiang Rai, Thailand

After spending the last week in Chiang Mai, this week we took a bus about three hours north to Chiang Rai, Thailand…easy to get confused, we know! Chiang Rai is a lot more laid back than Chiang Mai, which of course was great in some ways, and not as great in others. There’s not as much to do, the locals speak less English, there’s a lot less traffic (and pollution), and unfortunately there’s also a lot less vegan food options. We still found a few great places to eat (And some good snacks, too!) just not as many as in other cities we’ve visited like Ubud.

With both of us feeling much better, we had a few great days of adventures to waterfalls, and one day of checking out an overly-crowded-with-tourists temple. The other days we opted to just chill because we are finding that after traveling for six weeks now we don’t have the need or desire to do and see everything.

Here’s some of what you will see in this week’s video update…
– We got a ticket on the motorbike.
– We saw three beautiful waterfalls.
– We walked around the famous “White Temple”.
– We attempted to track down some vegan desserts at the markets.
– We found where people eat bugs! (Not vegan.)
– We saw some adorable baby goats.
– We got in a workout at the hotel parking lot.

Week 6 Travel Vlog Update from Chiang Rai, Thailand

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