OCR Power Couple | Ashley Seeger and Patrick Mies

Powr Cupl Profile: Ashley Seeger & Patrick Mies

Ashley and Patrick are a total badass power couple with similar goals in life. They love to be competitive and they make their long distance relationship work. They are capable of anything and both push themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their long-distance relationship and similar mindset is truly inspiring.

OCR Power Couple Mark Batres and Natalie Miano

Powr Cupl Profile: Natalie Miano & Mark Batres

Natalie and Mark are an obstacle course racing power couple. They are elite athletes in Spartan Racing as well as the parents of two young boys. We found their selfless relationship, dedication to family and fitness, and around-the-clock teamwork truly inspiring.

Power Couple Scott Panchik & Christin

Powr Cupl Profile: Christin & Scott Panchik

Scott Panchik is one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world and the owner of a CrossFit gym that he runs with his wife Christin. We had the honor of interviewing them to learn more about their business and relationship.

Power Couple Katie & Jovan Blineau

Powr Cupl Profile: Katie & Jovan Blineau

Katie and Jovan are the entrepreneurs behind Unearthed Vintage in Miami, but their success didn’t happen over night. Their love story, how they started their business, and how they balance their life with a son and two fur babies is incredible.

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