Week 11 Travel Update from Milan and Poland

After a very full week traveling through Italy last week we had one final stop in Milan this week before flying to Krakow, Poland. From there we bounced back and forth between the city and the small towns where Darlene’s family lives. Oh, and we finally felt the baby kick!

Best Italy Travel Photos

Week 10 Travel Update from Rome and Florence, Italy

Our tenth week of traveling began our European adventures and was split between Rome and Florence with a day trip to Pisa to end the week. Since leaving Asian the amount of things that changed literally overnight was unbelievable…the weather, the food, the architecture, and of course the prices!

Bangkok, Thailand

Week 7 Travel Update From Bangkok, Thailand

This week we found ourselves in the capital of Thailand—Bangkok. With a population of more than 6.3 million people, it is by far the largest city we’ve been to. We skipped the tourist attractions and focused on getting a feel for the local city lifestyle, working out, and connecting with people.

Fun Things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand

Week 5 Travel Update From Chiang Mai, Thailand

After a tough fourth week, our fifth week traveling found us in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) taking things slow and trying to heal ourselves from bad allergies and food poisoning. Of course we still managed to pack in some good times and adventures though!

Krabi, Thailand Travel Photos | Powr Cupl

Week 4 Travel Update From Tonsai and Krabi, Thailand

Our fourth week traveling abroad was our first week in Thailand and by far the toughest one to date. It started with a really long travel day that got both of our allergies flaring up, then we were met with a lot of rain in a really unforgiving environment. Towards the end of the week Darlene’s cough was back and we both got hit with food poisoning.

Vegan Food in Bali | Powr Cupl

What Do Vegans Eat In Bali? These 55 Photos Will Show You!

One of the things people ask us most often while we are traveling is, “What do you eat?” Well, we’ve already shared a post about how the Viceroy resort is vegan-friendly, and another with our top three vegan restaurants in Ubud, but we also habitually take iPhone photos of most of our meals, so here’s a photo gallery chocked full of the things we ate while traveling in Bali for three weeks…