Here’s Everything Fat Packed For Our Three-Month Trip Around The World

How do you pack for a three month trip around the world? Well, everyone is different, but as a professional photographer, my camera and computer gear take top priority (along with most of the weight and space in my pack). Here’s a list of everything I brought on our journey, including my favorite must-have items, and a few I wish I left at home.

Photos of Ubud, Bali

Week 1 Travel Update from Ubud, Bali

At the time we are posting this we have been on the go for about 11 days and we are well on our way to adjusting to life on the road while traveling abroad. Inside we have 15 photos and a short video from the adventures we had in Ubud, Bali.

Is Viceroy Bali vegan friendly?

Is Viceroy Bali Vegan Friendly?

People ask us all the time if finding vegan food while traveling is difficult and we knew Bali and Thailand wouldn’t be hard to find great vegan food, but we didn’t know about the Viceroy resort… So, is Viceroy Bali vegan friendly or not?

Best Photos of Viceroy Bali in Ubud

Staying at Viceroy Bali Was Literally a Dream Come True!

For the past two years I had been dreaming of staying at Viceroy Bali—one of the top luxury resorts in the entire world! The day after our wedding we boarded a flight overseas and made the dream a reality… Here’s our story and a vlog from our time spent there.

Best Viceroy Bali Photos

25 Incredible Photos of Viceroy Bali in Ubud

We started our three month trip around the world at the luxurious Viceroy Bali resort. It has been a dream to go there for the past two years, and we finally made it a reality! Check out these 25 incredible photos from our stay!

Ed Bauer & Holly Noll - Vegan Power Couple

Powr Cupl Profile: Holly Noll & Ed Bauer

Holly and Ed are vegan straightedge gym owners and entrepreneurs who are partners in life and business. With so much of their life revolving around health, fitness, and veganism, they are one of our favorite power couples!

European Travel Photos

Pre-Trip Photo Gallery – Europe (20 Photos)

There’s only two places on our itinerary I’ve already been, and we’ve already posted galleries from both Thailand and Bali, but we wanted to post a few more travel photos to help pump us up for what’s in store once we begin our journey around the world!

Power Couple Micki and Charles Syndram

Powr Cupl Profile: Micki & Charles Syndram

Micki and Charles are BMX riders from Indiana who were best friends before getting married and opening a bike shop together. They struggled with the business the first few years before finding their groove, and now they are rockin’ it! Their story is a perfect example of an American dream success, and their interview has a ton of insight and great takeaways!