Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 39 and Labor (Better Late Than Never?)

This Prego Log is WAY overdue! I actually started writing it three days after Maui was born, but I kept putting it off, and now I’ve already been a mom for 12 weeks. Most of what you’re about to read is from my perspective just after giving birth and reflecting back on my last week of pregnancy.

The countdown of the arrival of Maui Arriana ended on May 29, 2017 at 11:48 AM‚ which was the end of my 39th week of pregnancy. She came about two days early, based off her original due date. A lot happened on the final week of my pregnancy, so let’s catch up…

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan


39 Weeks Pregnant

I am not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I never held a newborn baby in my life, and I really don’t have any experience with being around babies. Even though I have a huge family I was always either too young or just not around the other kids during their younger years. So I actually held a three-week old baby for the first time one week before Maui was born. I went to visit my friend Michelle to see her newborn Andrea. She was super cute and she even pooped on me! I didn’t get dirty, she just made a loud explosion noise, haha. So I got my newborn fix. It was really great to hang out and it made me more excited for Maui to come. Especially since our girls will be four weeks apart. It’s nice to have a friend to relate to on the mommy life.

During my 39th week I did a little road trip with Fat. He had to go to San Diego for work on Tuesday and then to Santa Barbara on Thursday. Both drives were about 2 1/2 hrs. I decided to go along to help and just so I could be with him in case I went into labor. I’d rather be with him than home because I feel like I would stress out if he was gone and I went into labor. On Thursday I had some Braxton Hicks contractions on our drive back from Santa Barbara, but they stopped a couple minutes after we got home. Good thing I was with him, because he calmed me down.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Catching Fat in action.

Before we left on Thursday I had my final doctor appointment. She checked my dilation to see if there were any changes since Monday. I went up to 3cm dilation and she said she could feel the head. She said Maui is definitely coming before Tuesday and thinks Memorial weekend will be it. I was super excited to hear that. We also got to see our girl on the sonogram. It was so exciting to see her being active, and she even waved at us. It was really cool to see her hands spread out. Also, it was awesome to see her kick me since I always feel her kicking. Just seeing her made me really anxious to meet her. Our doctor also wanted us to go to the hospital where we will be delivering on Saturday to get my dilation checked again with to see if there was any progress.

After my doctor’s appointment, my nesting kicked in. Nesting is when you know the baby is coming soon, so you start cleaning the house, doing some final organization in the baby’s room, and whatever else that needs to be done. Well, I definitely did all that. I cleaned her room, dusted the blinds and ceiling fan, vacuumed, and changed her clean sheets. I also ended up making her a head band rack since she has so many headbands from her baby shower. I cleaned the whole house, so everything was ready whenever she decided to come.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Final doctor appointment.

On Saturday we went to the hospital after my workout. I had no change in dilation, but the doctor said give it two days. So that night I did more walking and we decided since it was going to be our last date night with just the two of us we wanted to splurge some bad meals. We ended up going to LA and got some vegan pizza and then got some vegan donuts at Donut Farm. Since the donut shop was closing, they gave us 50% off of a dozen. We basically took a bite of each one and felt like crap afterwards. Even though it’s vegan, it’s still donuts and it’s still unhealthy, haha. We realized again why we don’t eat like that. I am glad I didn’t go into labor that night, haha! I had a stomach ache for sure, but it went away while I was sleeping.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Getting checked at the hospital on Saturday.

Since my gym membership at Xtend Barre in Seal Beach ended at 38 weeks, I bought five more sessions to finish my final week. I felt great working out and happy that I decided to keep working out all the way until the end of my pregnancy. My fifth session ended on Sunday, and a couple of hours later I was in labor. I had a feeling it would happen because I was joking around that Maui will probably want to come out now, knowing that it was her last workout session.

Also on Sunday morning we went grocery shopping and meal prepped for the week. Even though it’s our weekly routine, we wanted to make sure we had our meals ready for the week in case Maui decided to come that night. It worked out perfect because we packed our meals for the hospital, which I got to eat an hour after I gave birth.

I had plans to work out Monday morning (Memorial Day) with my friend Rachelle, then I had plans for my friend Michelle come over Monday at noon to hang out and drop off some baby stuff, but of course all that had to be cancelled.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Last workout on the morning before Maui arrived.


The Baby Has Arrived

Now let’s talk about when I went into labor. I had a feeling that it was going to happen that night. I even made a comment saying if I went to labor it would probably be at night when we have no sleep and that tonight may be the night. Well, right when we went to bed at 10:30pm I had a contraction. I wasn’t sure if it was another Braxton Hicks, but I decided to start timing it. Every time I had a contraction it was five minutes apart. They were consistent for 30 minutes, but I wanted to wait for two hours to make sure. I woke Fat up to give him a heads up that it might be it. I knew I wanted to shower and wash my hair before I went to the hospital. Once one hour hit and the contractions were still five minutes apart I decided to take a nice, hot shower and thought maybe I would feel better. My contractions started to feel worse and were still 5 minutes apart. After I brushed my hair I went back to bed hoping I would fall asleep. Once I layed down the contraction were still going, so I woke Fat up and told him they hadn’t stopped—it had been almost two hours at that point. Fat got up, showered, and got our food ready for the hospital. We added some last minute toiletries to our hospital bags, texted our friend that was going to watch our dog Hercules, did a quick Go Pro intro for our labor video, and to the hospital we went.

You can see what happened after that in our video here…

Fat also took notes while we were at the hospital to keep a timeline of what happened throughout the night. Scroll down to see that!

Since we are caught up to the birth of Maui, let’s talk about our first week as parents. Honestly, nothing really feels like it changed. Yes, we have a newborn, but it feels natural to us. We feel really lucky because of how good she is. She doesn’t cry at all, like literally and not exaggerating. The most you will hear her cry is like three seconds because we put her in the car seat or are changing her diaper. Most times she won’t even cry with that. I really think she senses our calm energy, which my doctor even mentioned that.

The first two days with Maui were spent at the hospital and the nurses were great, but we were excited to go home. I felt like I was getting no rest because there was always someone coming into our room to check my vitals and the baby. That was great to reassure us that we both were doing great, but we were anxious to get into our routine and get used to Maui at home.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Once we were released from the hospital, we had a quick mini photoshoot with Maui to make our thank you cards. We also went to our first trip to the stores to get Maui some newborn diapers and newborn outfits. We didn’t want to get newborn stuff before she was born because people kept saying a lot of babies are born are bigger than newborn stuff. We were fast at all three stores and Maui slept through all of them.

On day three I basically changed 20 diapers and fed her 21 times. That day my milk came in and my breasts were huge. It felt like they was going to explode. I decided to massage them in a hot shower, and good thing because I didn’t know that if you don’t do that it could be bad with blocked milk ducts and can lead to mastitis.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

On day four Maui had her first doctor appointment and the doctor was impressed with her weight gain and jaundice level. The pediatrician thinks we are doing great as parents. Maui sleeps really great and sleeps an average of 3 1/2- 4hrs of during the night. I only get up twice per night to feed her, and the best part is she doesn’t cry.

On day seven Maui weighed 7lbs, 1oz, a nice gain from her birth weight of 6lbs 8oz.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

12 Weeks In…

Fast forward to present day where Maui is now about 12 weeks old… Being a mom is great. I feel very blessed to have an amazing baby. She sleeps seven hours a night and still doesn’t cry much. She is full of smiles and healthy. She has reached so many milestones already. She holds the rattle for 60 seconds or more. She rolls over from her stomach to back. She has extremely strong neck muscles and holds her head up very long. She has been strong since birth. Maui desperately wants to crawl, which is exciting but sad because she is growing up so fast!

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Maui – 2 Months Old

People say that being a parent will be difficult and we won’t be able to do what we have been doing, but I don’t think that is true. We still are doing the same things, just have a baby. We still meal prep once a week and still eat on schedule. I think it’s easy for us because we have been doing this before she was born and it’s part of our lifestyle. Just because you have a baby or kid doesn’t mean you need to stop what you’re doing. Babies work around your schedule. We want to lead by example of why having a healthy lifestyle is important to us. Health is priority. Also, both of us still work out every day. Before Maui was born we discussed that it’s our priority to still work out because it makes us happy. I work out in the morning while Fat watches Maui, and Fat works out in the evening. I started working out two weeks postpartum, with my doctor’s approval. I was doing low impact stuff until I got the okay at six weeks that I could start high impact. Fitness for both of us is also important because it’s who we are and we want to set an example. As we get older we want to still have that young energy for our girl. We want her to be active and healthy too. Kids like to replicate what their parents do, so if she sees us working out and sees us doing meal preps, she will want to do the same.

That is my final update of my prenatal and postpartum mom life. I hope you enjoyed following my journey! We are excited about this next chapter that has begun!


Fat’s Labor and Birth Log Timeline

Sunday – May 28, 2017

8:30am – Darlene did barre class and I did slackline.

4:00pm – We walked about two miles around town.

10:27pm – Contractions started at home in bed while trying to go to sleep.


Monday – May 29, 2017 (Memorial Day)

12:00am – Darlene woke me up to tell me the contractions were 5min apart for 1.5hrs

– We both took showers, packed bags, etc.

1:20am – Got to hospital. 4cm dilated, 80% effaced

2:20am – Officially admitted to a room.

3:00am – Walked for about an hour around the hallways.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

4:00am – Back to room. I slept for almost an hour.

5:00am – Walked more for about an hour. Contractions more painful.

6:30am – 6-7cm dilated and 90% effaced.

7:20am – Darlene decided she wanted an epidural. The pain was getting intense and frequent. Contractions were every 30sec or so lasting a minute. She had no break!

7:45am – Epidural in and starting to feel less pain.

– My emotions are kicking in. It’s so hard to see her in pain. And the emotion of the baby coming is starting to hit too…like when I saw on the white board “today’s plan” was: “Delivery of a healthy baby…Maui.”

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

7:55am – Catheter put in. 9.5cm dilated. 0 station. Feeling more relaxed with the epidural.

8:40am – Contractions still very frequent, but she’s not in pain and in very good spirits. Thank goodness for the epidural! Just heard a blood curdling scream from another room. That lady is in some serious pain!

8:50am – Water broke and Maui pooped inside.

8:53am – Fully dilated. +1 station. Not quite ready to start pushing.

9:35am – After laying on her right side with her left leg propped up for a while, she was at +2 station. Moving to opposite side to even out and try to push the baby down more.

9:45am – I won a game of solitaire. And they put an oxygen mask on her and said it seems like Maui may have dropped. Did a “test push”. She’s not ready to come yet. Resting and waiting more.

10:20am – Maui is lower. Did another test push. Time to call the doctor. It’s go time. Doctor says not to push until she arrives. Seems like it might be a fast delivery.

10:55am – Still waiting for the doctor to arrive. Darlene is hungry, thirsty, and antsy to get that baby out. I’m anxious too. And getting sleepy and hungry.

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

11:05am – Doctor came in and Darlene started to push.

11:25am – Turned off the epidural.

11:48am – Maui came out!

12:55pm – Darlene started to breast feed for the first time.

Length: 19.5″
Weight: 6lb 8.6oz (2.965kg)

2:05pm – Transferred to a postpartum room.

4:00pm(ish) – I laid down for a nap.

– Got her first bath sometime when I was asleep.

5:10pm – IV came out so Darlene could move freely.

5:55pm – First poop. Nurse changed the diaper for us to show us how. Good thing, because…yuck. Still have never changed a diaper.

The end of my labor log. 🙂

39 Weeks Pregnant Vegan