Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 36

OMG! I can’t believe I finished my 36th week of pregnancy! Just three more weeks and we will be parents!

Right now our baby is the length of a head of romaine lettuce—about 18 1/2 inches long, and weighs almost six pounds. According to babycenter.com she’s shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body, as well as the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine month amniotic bath. Right now she is taking up a lot of room, which means I will probably start having trouble eating a normal-size meal.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

During my 36th week of pregnancy I had two different maternity photo shoots. One was more casual and the other one was more of a goddess feel. I am extremely happy how they turned out, and all thanks to my husband for his amazing talent. We originally planned on hiring a photographer that specializes in maternity photos, but the price was a little too high and we couldn’t find one that we truly loved. So he decided to go out of his comfort zone from fitness and action sports to maternity. I think he did an awesome job. Also, we wanted a picture of us together, so we are grateful that my friend Rachel helped by pushing the button on the camera.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

I mentioned last week that I was going to get a second chiropractic adjustment because my finger tips are tingly. This time around the doctor said I looked better than last week. I only had two areas out of place on the left side and one on the right side of my neck. After he cracked my neck the right side of my hand felt better with not tingles. My left hand the last three fingers were better. I was super happy to see progress. Unfortunately it was only temporary and I am back with the same symptoms again—numb and tingly hands and fingers. I know it will go away after pregnancy, so I guess I will just suck it up for three more weeks.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

This week I worked out six days in a row and tried two new barre classes to see which was a good fit for my final weeks of pregnancy. I chose Xtend Barre in Seal Beach because it was challenging and they had a great new client special for two weeks unlimited for $49. I am planning to go every day on my 37th and 38th week. After going four times I finished my spinning class package this week, so I will only continue barre classes throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

My doctor told me I can workout until the end of my pregnancy as long as I’m comfortable. It’s been really nice taking classes on my final weeks. It’s great to be pushed and work on my breathing. Since labor is all about breathing and pushing, working out will definitely help with that. It’s really great practice on breathing because it helps control the blood pressure from rising up and distract you from pain, which is the same reason we need to focus on breathing during the birthing process.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

I got a onesie at my barre class! How cute!

This week we put our stroller together and installed the car seat. We stopped at the fire station and had one of the firemen help us out to make sure we did it right to keep her safe. I was also finally able to get my wedding band off! Let me tell you…it was a huge struggle to get it off, but I did it. I can’t wait to put it back on after she is born. For the time being I am wearing a silicone band in place of my engagement and wedding rings. I usually wear the silicone band when I workout so I don’t scratch my rings when I lift. So if you notice on my maternity pics I am wearing the silicone band. I wish I could have worn my real rings, but it’s a hard process to get the rings off and my fingers are pretty swollen.

On my final day of my 36th week we went to see the doctor. It was a quick process…she checked the baby’s heart beat, measured my stomach, had my blood pressure taken, and peed in the cup. Overall our doctor is pleased and happy that we have the car seat installed, have our hospital bags packed, registered at the hospital we will be delivering, and found a pediatrician for our little girl.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

The only concern my doctor has is that I gained 40lbs. She is concerned because I gained 31lbs during our travels and I’m not swollen anymore. So she told me to cut down my meal portions and is fine if I lose weight. I am not too concerned about my weight gain because I look better than when we first got back from our travels and I have been eating clean 90% of the time. Also, before I found out I was pregnant in October I was prepping for a bikini competition in November. I was losing weight at that time as I was four weeks out from the competition and my workouts were intense. After I found out I was pregnant, I was still losing weight. Not on purpose, but I didn’t have much of an appetite and wanted to maintain as much as I could for my wedding day. So it’s really hard to judge. I know that I feel healthy and feel great. I am active and eat healthy. I will be cutting my portions, not to try to lose weight, but more because I get really full easily like babycenter.com says.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Sunday splurge!

My meals this were the same as the last couple weeks, but at the end of my of my 36th week we finally changed it up. My breakfast is always the same, except Sundays breakfast is sometimes fun, so we made waffles with bananas and drizzled macadamia nut butter and maple syrup on them. My new lunch is now a happy vegan tuna wrap and for dinner I’m having a Mediterranean salad with a side of garlic potatoes.

What I ate this week that was not on my meal plan was a meatless meatball sub when I went out for lunch with my friend Rachel after she took me out for pedicures as my baby gift. Another thing I ate was a portobello burger after our maternity photo shoot.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Portobello burger from Bodhi Tree in Huntington Beach.

I did have one craving and it was vegan mac ‘n cheese. I guess I have been wanting to relive some childhood memories, haha. What’s awesome is that the vegan version is so much better!

I am going to give you TMI now, haha. Since I have been getting full easily, I also have to go to the bathroom for a number two after each meal. Sorry, I warned you it’s TMI! I guess now that she is getting bigger she is putting more pressure on me. I can only imagine the labor process, hahaha!

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

We are featured in the May/June issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine!

My sleeping has still been pretty good. However, I have been having weird dreams that don’t make sense, so I purposely wake up to go to the bathroom to get out of them, haha. I also have been dreaming more that I already have a baby and it’s usually about breastfeeding or forgetting that I have a kid.

Right now Maui is moving more then ever! Not only is she moving all the time, but we are seeing her move more then ever. It’s starting to be a little more detailed, which is crazy. I have no stretch marks still, which is awesome! I have been lubricating with the Honest Belly Balm, and I’m happy to say that it seems to work!

Thanks again for following my journey! Below is a list of my workouts and meals from 36 weeks pregnant.

Prenatal Workout Routine Sample

My workouts this week were at London Method Barre, Xtend Barre, and Cyclehaus. I did alternating days at each.


Vegan Prenatal Meals for 36 Weeks Pregnant

Check out how we do our vegan meal prep for the week!

Morning:USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: Oats, peanut butter, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and banana.

Meal 2: Apple and rice cake with peanut butter.

Meal 3: The same as the last three weeks, but the last two days I changed it to our happy vegan tuna wrap.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Vegan tuna wrap.

Meal 4: Apple, strawberries, dried mangos, or my pineapple, mango, banana smoothie with a rice cake and peanut butter.

Meal 5: Mexican style bowl with rice, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tofu, black beans, no-salt added salsa, avocado, with a side no salt added tortilla chips. The last two days I started having a Mediterranean style salad.

Meal 6: Mangoes or homemade Lara Bar.

36 Weeks Pregnant Vegan