Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 35

I just finished my 35th week of pregnancy, and boy did this week fly by! Right now Maui is the size of a honeydew melon—about over 18 inches long, and weighs about 5 1/4 pounds. According to babycenter.com she won’t be doing somersaults anymore since it’s so snug in my womb, but the number of kicks will remain about the same. Her kidneys are fully developed now, and her liver can process some waste products. Most of her basic physical development is now complete. She will now be putting on weight for the next few weeks. It also says my uterus now reaches up under my rib cage.

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Beach Maternity Photo - 35 Weeks Pregnant
On the start of my 35th week we went to our fourth and final maternity class. We learned about breastfeeding, which was a topic I wanted to learn. We learned different techniques of holding the baby during breastfeeding, how to get the baby to latch on, and what to do if she isn’t latching. It was super informative and I learned that I will be feeding her within the hour she is born. It’s exciting to know I will have this bond with her.

I know some people have questions about raising a baby vegan and breastfeeding, so I want to clarify that. Breastfeeding is vegan because it’s my milk that I am producing for my baby. I am human and so is my baby. Cows produce milk for calves, not humans. Goats produce milk for their baby goats. Dogs produce milk for their puppies. Do you see the pattern? Each animal produces milk for their own species. Even the book I am reading, “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, by Harvey Karp, M.D says, The most common baby food allergies are cow’s milk. It should come as no surprise that babies have trouble with cow’s milk. After all, this foods is lovingly made for baby calves, not for our hungry babies.” He even mentioned some babies have allergies with eggs, shellfish, and nuts.

Over the last few weeks I mentioned the only thing that has been bothering me is my finger tips being tingly. I read that it’s normal for this to happen during pregnancy and it may get worse as the pregnancy continues. I am not going to lie…I am not a fan, especially typing this blog! All I feel is pins and needles. I did go to a chiropractor, which is my best friend’s dad. I had my neck adjusted because I thought I may have a pinched nerve since the numbness and tingling started when we got back to the U.S. As he checked my body he said I was right with my neck being off, so he adjusted it. He said overall I am doing good with my pregnancy because my low back, hip, and everything else looks perfectly aligned. Unfortunately I can’t say my finger tips got better, but I can say my neck feels better because it’s not so stiff. I am going to get another adjustment during my 36th week, so hopefully this time around it will help my fingers. If it doesn’t I just have to suck it up, because it’s a pregnancy thing and I was already diagnosed with carpel tunnel on both wrists when I was 19.

During my 35th week of pregnancy I worked out six days in a row. I have still been doing my alternating routine of barre and spin classes. I have been loving it, but I am sad that my Barre Releve class has finished. I did a new client special, which was $40 for 10 classes—the price was awesome! But it’s normally $169 for 10 classes, and as much as I enjoyed it, it’s out of my budget right now, so I need to find another barre class for the next two weeks that’s a little more affordable. Also, this week will be my last spin class since I also got a promotional one month unlimited pass for $50. So next week I will need to find new places to work out and start a new routine. I know that I will want to continue with barre for at least two or three more weeks. I think it’s a great combination of upper and lower body with cardio and balance. I will not continue spin after this week. I feel great and enjoy it, but my belly is getting bigger… Plus as I get bigger, I need to pee more, haha!

35 Weeks Pregnant

Spinning with my friend Rachelle.

I had my friend Rachelle join me for spin class on Saturday morning. It was fun to work out with her while pregnant. Before I was pregnant we would meet up Saturday mornings to workout at the beach. Also, she got to feel Maui kick during class, so that was awesome. When a Katy Perry song came on, Maui decided to dance, haha. It’s funny…there are certain songs that will make her start moving around. I really think when she is born she will not like quiet because she is so use to loud music while I workout. I don’t think she will like being still either because she is so use to me moving around a lot. That is my prediction. Even the book “The Happiest Baby on the Block” has me convinced that swaddling, swinging, and white noise is going to be the key.

My meals this week were consistent and clean again. Since we stopped traveling we are back to our routine, which I love because I feel great, feel healthy, and look better. The only thing I ate that wasn’t what I meal prepped was when I went out for breakfast with my friend Rachelle after our spin class. We went to this awesome new vegan restaurant called Grain Cafe. I got a tofu scramble with had kale, mushrooms, zucchini, tempeh bacon and a side of sweet potatoes and toast. It was delicious, healthy, and not fattening like real bacon. On Date Night we went to Pressed Juicery and got vegan ice-cream. This place only has 5g of sugar per serving and is made out of almonds and dates with only two or three other ingredients! I had three toppings—fresh blueberries, raspberries, and dark chocolate chips. No guilt there! To see the what I ate for the week, just scroll down to my vegan meal plan.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Tofu scramble from Grain Cafe in Long Beach.

This week’s adventure was bike riding with my husband and Hercules (our fur baby) to the beach and chillaxin’ in the sun, while my Fat played around on the slack line. It’s a great way for me to get some vitamin D, be grateful for where I live, and spend some family time. Our bike ride to the beach is only half a mile, easy, and just down the hill. Our way back to our condo has a gradual hill to go up before it gets flat. It’s actually not bad, but since I am riding the beach cruiser and not my road bike I need to pedal hard. My husband and I decided this week will be my last time pumping up the hill because we don’t want to risk my water breaking early, haha. We have four more weeks, so I prefer her come when she is ready as opposed to me using my energy for a hill and making her come early. I will say that I am impressed with my cardio and it doesn’t fatigue me one bit. I am really grateful for my fitness and condition while pregnant.

35 Weeks Pregnant
This week has also been entertaining because we can see Maui move around like crazy, especially on my rest days, haha. She pretty much moves the whole day. I think she is getting her exercise in and doesn’t like when I give us a rest day. It’s so funny to see a foot poking out randomly and then feeling her back shifting to my right side. It’s very distracting when I am trying to do meal plans and workout plans for my clients because I tend to stop and be distracted and entertained watching her. I’d rather do that then watch TV, haha. I tend to have ADD too. Even though it’s disturbing at times, I am enjoying this pregnancy process. It’s very interesting and mind-blowing that there is a little mini me and Fat in there.

I am truly grateful for my pregnancy and how I feel. I know that many people don’t have an easy pregnancy. I am just thankful that I have been feeling great throughout these 35 weeks. No morning sickness, no nausea, great energy, feeling mobile, eating healthy, no stretch marks, and was able to travel around the world.

35 Weeks Pregnant
I have had some minor prego symptoms like how low back bothered me for a little bit, but it was just temporary and mostly due to a long flight. After our float tank experience and a prenatal massage it went away. I had one day with a headache, had some prego brain moments, and for a while I couldn’t control my pee when I had a deep cough, and my hands swelled up on the way back to California. But again, these were minor and just part of the pregnancy and not a big deal.

I am grateful that I am able to work out and don’t have cravings. I have no troubles shaving my legs and have no troubles sleeping. Yes, I wake up a lot to pee, but it doesn’t really bother me. I really don’t feel pregnant, haha. I don’t know if in the next four weeks I will start feeling pregnant, but right now I am enjoying it. I know I am getting anxious to meet her and maybe it will hit me when she is born that I have a daughter…wow that was weird to write! Haha, “daughter”!

Oh, and Maui’s room is coming together still! Just a few more things to do in there and it’ll be ready for her. I am in love with her name above her bed!

35 Weeks Pregnant
Thanks again for following my journey! Below is a list of my workouts and meals from 35 weeks pregnant.

Prenatal Workout Routine Sample

My workouts this week were at Barre Releve doing a ballet style class and Cyclehaus where I did spinning. I did alternating days at each.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Wrapping up my barre class.


Vegan Prenatal Meals for 35 Weeks Pregnant

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: The usual… Oats, peanut butter, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and banana.

Meal 2: Apple and rice cake with peanut butter or plantain chips.

Meal 3: The same as the last two weeks. We love our vegan meal prepping! Baked carrot fries, peas, cauliflower rice, and homemade Polish-inspired cutlets topped with BBQ sauce and avocado.

35 Weeks Pregnant
Meal 4: It varied a lot this week with plantain chips, apple, strawberries, dried mangos, or my pineapple, mango, banana smoothie with a rice cake and peanut butter.

Meal 5: Mexican style bowl with cauliflower rice, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tofu, black beans, no-salt added salsa, avocado, with a side of quinoa black bean chips.

Meal 6: Strawberries, mangoes, or apple.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Click here to see how we do our weekly vegan meal prep!

Beach Maternity Photos at 35 36 Weeks Pregnant

At the beginning of my 36th week (and the night before this blog went up) Fat shot maternity photos for me. We have another shoot planned at a different location for later in the week, so we decided to put some early 36-week pics in here with my 35 week Prego Log. Stay tuned for more photos next week!

All photos by Fat. Please only repost with proper attribution to @PowrCupl and @FatTonyBMX.