Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 27

I  finished my 27th week pregnancy and second trimester in Krakow, Poland. I can’t believe I am starting my third trimester already! Right now the baby is the size of a head of a cauliflower—about 14 1/2 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs. According to babycenter.com she’s sleeping and waking up at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers. Her brain is very active now, but her lungs is still immature. Any tiny rhythmic movements I feel may be her hiccups, which are common now.

My 27th week was little bit more adventurous than last week when I mostly spent time with my family. We went to a ski resort, a mound, Auschwitz concentration camp, and worked out. Keep an eye out for our week 12 vlog update of my 27th week of pregnancy. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!

I am super happy that I worked out this week and felt great. After a week at Grandma’s we got an Airbnb in Krakow, Poland. We went to two CrossFit gyms and did the class WOD (workout of the day), but of course I modified it to my pregnancy. I lowered the weight even though I didn’t want to. Most CrossFit WODs are for speed and time. Since I am pregnant my focus was not to win though—just  to move and exercise. When I work out I make sure I take my time so my heart rate is never racing. My goal is to be able to have a full conversation with someone as opposed to huffing and puffing.

My food this week was trying new vegan restaurants in Krakow. Let me tell you…Poland is booming with vegan foods! We had some amazing stuff. We definitely ate a lot healthier than in Italy, but not everything was healthy. We found some great vegan kebabs, vegan burgers, and even vegan ice cream. Since my pregnancy I still haven’t had any specific cravings, but my go-to lately has been apples. I’ve been eating at least two a day. I am not going to lie though…I miss my pineapple, mango, banana shakes from Bali and Thailand! They are not convenient here in Europe like in Asia though, haha. I guess when I get back to the US I will have to create my own.

I have been feeling really good and feeling the baby kick a lot. Fat has been able to feel her kick almost every day too! Her kicks have been starting to be consistent during certain times of the day. It’s like she has a routine when she does it. It’s starting to be more intense then ever. She is definitely a strong vegan for sure! She gets it from her mama and dad.

I did have one weird thing that happened to me this week though. Since my pregnancy I have noticed my teeth are not white as they use to be. I always heard that dentists can tell you are pregnant,before you even know you are by the way your teeth look. Also, couple of years ago I had my teeth cleaned and the dentist told me I needed to get my root canal done on my second premolar and first molar, or if I don’t do anything my tooth will eventually shatter. Well, I didn’t have dental insurance at the time and didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for the procedure, so I refused. Well, one night we went out to dinner and even though I didn’t eat anything hard or crunchy all off a sudden I felt something hard while chewing. I didn’t think anything of it and swallowed. Later I felt like I had food back of my tooth, so used my tongue to do a sweep. That’s when I discovered a hole on my second premolar! On the anterior my tooth is there, but the posterior is missing and there is a a hole on the bottom. So yup, my tooth just cracked! I was in shock, but I guess strange things happen when you’re pregnant, haha. I was thinking about getting my tooth fixed in Poland, but decided I will wait until I get back and find out if insurance will cover it and if I have to wait until after the baby is born.

Thankfully I still don’t have any stretch marks. I have been putting coconut oil on my belly and breasts every day. My belly button is definitely a full outie. It’s crazy to see that because I had this deep innie that looked like a kangaroo pouch before, and now it looks like a button. Fat keeps pushing on it and I don’t like it—it feels funny, haha!

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Prenatal Workout Routine Sample

If you are not prego, please give these workouts a try! If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor first. Remember, I have been training for more than 20 years and everyone is different. If you need help I am certified as a prenatal/postnatal coach. You can contact me through darlenehealth.com!

Day 1:

Ankle Band Workout
4 Sets
– 12 kick backs
– 10 side step squats
– 5 step monster walks
Lying on my side with ankle band
– 10 leg raises
– 10 circles
– 10 forward and back swing
(Repeat on the other side.)

Later at the Mound (Watch the week 12 vlog to see what it is.)
3 sets
– 5 each leg step up to back lunge
– 5 curtsy lunge
– 5 squats

Day 2:

Done at CrossFit 72D at Krakow, Poland

Warm Up:
– 300m Row
– Foam roll
– Stretched for about 10-15 minutes
– 300m Row

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps of…

– push ups on parallettes
– ab roll stretch with yoga ball (reps were 7,7,6,6,4,3,2)
– dead lift @ 65lbs
- box step up overs @ 20″
TIME: 22:56

Day 3:
Done at CrossFit Slovay in Krakow, Poland

Warm Up:
– 300m row
– Foam roll
– Stretched for about 10-15 minutes

WOD was the CrossFit Open 17.2, done with 27 week pregnancy modifications.
12min AMRAP (As many rounds and reps as possible.)

2 rounds of:
– 25ft there and back walking lunges with 2 11lbs dumbbells in front rack position
– 16 hanging knee raises
– 8 DB power clean (11lbs each hand)
Then the next 2 rounds was:
– 25ft there and back walking lunges with 2 11lbs dumbbells in front rack position
– 16 pull ups with two green bands for assistance
– 8 DB power clean (11lbs each hand)

Then the remainder of 12 minutes I started the 5th round. I finished lunges and 16 hanging knee raises.


Vegan Prenatal meal for Week 27

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: Oats, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, banana, and raisins.

Meal 2: Apple

Meal 3: It always changed. We checked out the vegan restaurants in Krakow that we found on Happy Cow.

Delicious vegan gyro wrap.

Meal 4: Vegan peanut butter protein bar and french bread.

Meal 5: This changed a lot also depending where we went. The last two days we cooked our own food that included kidney beans, tofu, mixed vegetables, and quinoa.

Our home cooked meal. Straight from bags, cans, and the frozen section!

Meal 6: An apple or a vegan dessert from a restaurant.