Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 26

I finished my 26th week of pregnancy in Poland and will continue my 27th week in Poland again. I can’t believe next week I will begin my third trimester! Right now the baby is the length of a scallion—about 14 inches from head to heel and weighs about 1 2/3 pounds. According to babycenter.com the baby’s ears are better developed and more sensitive than before. She may now be able to hear both of our voices and how we chat with each other. She is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential of the development of her lungs.

26 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Being goofy at the Cathedral in Milan.

My 26th week was not as exciting as my last couple of weeks and definitely a slower week than I had in Italy during my 25th week. This week was more catching up with my family in Poland, and our transportation was actually a car rental, so not as much walking as I would like, but a lot of driving since my grandma lives in a extremely small town an hour and a half away to the second biggest city in Poland—Krakow.

Even though it was chill this week (and may I add cold…brrrr, haha) it was nice to stay with my grandma, see my godfather, cousins, dad’s brother, and other family members.

Everyone thinks being pregnant you need to stay home and act like you are handicapped, but remember, everyone has a different type of pregnancy and everyone is in different health levels. I have always been an active person, so it has prepped me for my pregnancy. I understand some pregnancies require bed rest from doctor’s orders because they may not have a healthy pregnancy or have some early dilation, or whatever the case may be. My doctor orders was, “relax, enjoy, and have fun.”

While I am traveling I still communicate with my doctor via email, update her on my doctor visits overseas, and she says everything is looking good. So my word of advice is if people tell you can’t or you shouldn’t be doing this, remember it’s their opinion, but it doesn’t mean to listen. We are all different, and we live in a new generation. Listen to your doctor and trust your own instinct.

26 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

Inside the Milano Cathedral.

If I listened to every negative comment, I would not have this amazing experience of traveling right now and wouldn’t be able to share this with our little girl. It feels extra special that she was part of this journey and each week of her growth I remember where I was and what I was doing. If I stayed home I wouldn’t know the difference of week 18 and week 28. So if your doctor approves, do what makes you happy. Also remember when choosing a doctor you must have good vibes with him/her and be on the same page. We wanted a doctor we trusted, so don’t be afraid to interview them and ask questions.

Did I workout this week? I am extremely bummed to say no. I have done some light dips, lunges, squats, and pilates in my room, but I can’t count it because it was just movement to keep me sane. I am extremely looking forward to getting back to the US and finish my last couple weeks of pregnancy with some light workouts at a gym or do some Pilates Reformer machines (I am certified for prenatal and postnatal pilates on the reformer). Right now I just have to accept my lack of gym choices here and just keep moving and stretching.

My foods this week was vegan Polish foods and some cooking at my grandma’s house. I have been eating a lot healthier this week verses last week in Italy, except I have been trying polish vegan cake just about every day. We just can’t help ourselves when we see them and want to try everything!

Hanging out with my cousin Kasia and her boyfriend Ben at the Cathedral in Milan.

Overall I definitely do no feel guilty about it whatsoever because the rest of my meals have been full of nutrients. I guess not working out is not as bad since I am not stuffing my face with croissants, calzones, and pizza, haha. Also our meals in Poland are way cheaper than Italy with the average cost at about $12 total.

Last week I mentioned that my husband hasn’t felt our little girl kick. Well guess what? He finally got to feel her kick! Not once, but a bunch! It was really cool to share that experience with him. She is extremely active at night and in the morning. Also, I read on baycenter.com that when I feel a little tickle in the belly, it’s her burping. I really enjoy feeling her move around and kicking even though it feels funny to me. It’s just a reassurance she is doing good. I am looking forward to our next sonogram when we get back. Sonograms are a great reassurance that I actually have a human being inside me. Like I mentioned on every blog…I can’t believe I will be a mom and I am pregnant!

The way I feel is great. I am able to move around, climb up the stairs, sit up, and have a lot of energy. As I am writing this blog, my husband is yet again taking a nap, and I feel fine.

One thing about being pregnant is I have to go to the bathroom all the time! I go a lot during the night, which started the day I found out I was pregnant. I guess that’s a good thing…I am staying hydrated!

26 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

At the Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland.

Well it’s time for me to wrap up this week. Since we finished the family reunion this week, next week will be a tourist week here in Poland.

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Vegan Prenatal Meals for Week 26

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: Rolled oats, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, banana, goji berries, and raisins.

Meal 2: Apple

Meal 3: We made lunch at Grandma’s house… 1/2 can black beans, 1/2 cup quinoa, 1 cup vegetables of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, mushrooms, and vegan polish sausage

Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy

Meal 4: Vegan protein bar or baguette with peanut butter and banana

Meal 5: This changed a lot depending where we went, but mostly Polish vegan meals from restaurants. An example is two vegan cutlets, sauerkraut, beet salad, mashed potatoes, and vegan potato pierogis.

Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy

Meal 6: Polish vegan cake

Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy

Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy Polish Vegan Food During Pregnancy