Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 24

I started my 24th week of pregnancy in Ho Chi Minh City and ended it in Rome. Right now the baby is the size of a ear corn—12 inches long, and weighs 1 1/3 pounds. According to babycenter.com she has a lean figure at this point, but her body is filling out proportionally and she will soon start to plump up. Her brain is also growing quickly, and her taste buds are continuing to develop. Her skin is still thin and translucent, but will start to change soon. It also says my uterus has risen above my belly button, and is now about the size of soccer ball.

My 24th week was great, but not as adventurous as the beginning of my travels. There have been some perks while traveling pregnant too that I will talk about more later…

We treated our travels in Vietnam as a “local lifestyle.” We got to stay with an old high school friend for the week, Joe Felicetta and his lovely fiancé. We are truly grateful for their hospitality and it was awesome to reunite with an old friend in a different country.

The highlight of the week was going to a Vietnamese vegan cooking class where we got to learn how to make vegan Vietnam dishes. Another highlight was having my 24 week glucose check in Vietnam. The glucose test was not fun because drinking 76g of sugar while fasted is not ideal. The best part was seeing our baby girl and seeing she is doing great and is healthy. Also, my glucose test is normal and I have no gestational diabetes. Whoop!

We didn’t cook four ourselves this week, so instead my meals were pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup), Indian food, this awesome vegetable noodle bowl with protein, fruit, dried fruit, and our awesome banana cereal creation (the same creation I mentioned last week). And of course one day we had a full day cooking class, where we ate seven meals.

Since the last two days of my 24th week of pregnancy were in Rome, Italy, I did get to have some amazing Italian food like vegan calzones, vegan croissants, vegan pizza (which a lot of Italian pizzas don’t put cheese on their pizza).

My workouts were not as consistent as my previous weeks since we had morning plans like our cooking class, the doctor appointment, and our long travel day to Italy, so only got two workouts in before we left for Rome.

I would have loved work out the last few days of my 24th week in Rome, but our bags were lost for two days. Since the clothes I was wearing were the only clothes I had I did not want to get them dirty and sweaty, especially since it’s winter weather in Italy. It’s crazy to switch from a 90 degree weather to the 40’s and 50’s. (To see videos of the types of workouts I did, scroll down.)

I have noticed my belly is getting bigger and you can see the semi-outie through my shirts. I mentioned earlier there has been some perks of being pregnant while traveling so here are the perks: while boarding on the plane, you get priority by boarding before everyone else. So instead of waiting for the zones, we get to skip everyone and board. Also, while in Italy, we went to the Vatican Museum and since it’s a huge tourist attraction there is a huge long line.The staff saw my belly and said we can go through this entrance where there was no wait and got inside super fast. Lots of tourists pays extra to “skip the line,” which we were willing to wait and save money. Little did we know there are some benefits of being pregnant. Another perk is we have been using the train as our transportation to get around Rome. Since the train is extremely packed and no where to sit, I just unzip my winter jacket so people can see my prego belly. The polite ones will stand up and let me take their seat. That has been nice since we have been doing a lot of walking around Rome (about eight miles per day, according to the iPhone), so my feet has been tired. Whether I was pregnant or not my feet would still hurt. I have not have any swollen feet though, which is good.

Well that’s a wrap on what’s new with me on my 24th week. My 25th week will be a mix of Rome, Florence, and Milan. So we shall see how that week plays out. My pregnancy journey may not sound exciting, but traveling around sure makes the time fly before we get to see our little girl. Also, the doctor visits are way cheaper than back home.

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Prenatal Workout Routine Sample

If you are not prego, please give these workouts a try! If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor first. Remember, I have been training for more than 20 years and everyone is different. If you need help I am certified as a prenatal/postnatal coach. You can contact me through darlenehealth.com!

Day 1:

Stretched for 5-10 minutes

14 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
*I did a slow pace

3 reps each of:

– 3 squat jumps, up the stairs to the platform, 3 squat jumps, up the stairs, 3 squat jumps, and run back down
– 3 incline push-ups
– 3 (each leg) step up to back lunge
– 3 dips
I did 7 rounds total and started the stairs

Day 2:

Stretched for 5-10 minutes

Resistance band workout
10 Rounds of:

First 5 rounds were:
– 7 bent over lat pulls
– 7 tricep pull downs
– 10 ankle band kick backs
– 7 squat row
– 7 (each side) squat shuffle with ankle band

The last 5 rounds were:
– 10 bent over lat pulls
– 10 tricep pull downs
– 14 ankle band kick backs
– 10 squat row
– 7 (each side) squat shuffle with ankle band


Vegan Prenatal Meals for Week 24

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: 1/2 cup rolled oats, peanut butter, banana, and raisins. The last two days I didn’t have my usual breakfast…it was vegan plum croissants and spinach seitan vegan calzones.

Meal 2: An apple and sweet potato chips

Meal 3: Pho. The last two days I had vegan calzones and sandwiches.

Meal 4: Dried jack fruit or our cereal creation. (Little bit of rolled oats, good amount of banana chips, some peanuts, raisins, and soy/black sesame milk.)

Meal 5: This changed a lot depending where we went, but mostly Vietnamese food which was rice noodles, tofu, and veggies, spring rolls, or Indian food. The last two days were Italian vegan dinners.

Meal 6: Our cereal creation: (Little bit of rolled oats, good amount of banana chips, some peanuts, raisins, and soy/black sesame milk.)

*One day we had our full day Vietnamese vegan cooking class.