Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 23

I just finished 23rd week of pregnancy while in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and will be continuing in the same city for my 24th week. Right now the baby is the size of a large mango—11 inches long and weighs just over a pound. According on babycenter.com they said I may see her squirm underneath my clothes, but I haven’t yet. Also her lungs are developing for breathing, and she can hear more sounds from the outside world. At this stage she can become familiar with certain sounds—things such as a dog barking or a vacuum cleaner, so they probably won’t phase her when she hears them outside the womb. I think that is interesting, but our dog doesn’t bark and of course we are traveling, so I am curious what she will be use to. Since we have been traveling around each week the noises are different, except for us talking.

23 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

This week in Ho Chi Minh City was wonderful and I felt great. We had a low key week. We mostly hung out with our new traveling friends @Budget_Travelers that we met in Krabi, Thailand. It was really fun hanging out with another like-minded couples. We worked out with them, made food, walked around the city, went to the Vietnam War museum, and overall had a great time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss out our Week 8 Travel update in Ho Chi Minh City!

My meals this week were great, because we had a kitchen! We had an awesome Airbnb. (Here is the link to check out where we stayed. If you ever decide to travel there!) We went to the grocery store, got lots of veggies, tofu, fruit, snacks, and fresh bahn mi (bread), and created our own pho and bahn mi sandwiches. It was so great to cook every day and just have that normal life feeling. We also found some great vegan foods—one was even down stairs from our Airbnb.

If you are curious how we find our vegan restaurants while traveling, this is the secret…we use a website (and app) called Happy Cow. It’s amazing and you would be amazed how many vegan/vegetarian restaurants are out there. Try it out at your home town! I dare you to try a vegan meal. Tag us if you do @PowrCupl!

23 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

I still don’t have any specific cravings, but mainly what I have been enjoying this week are apples, mangos, dried jackfuit, and dried bananas. Let me tell you…the freeze dried bananas are extremely good—they are a different texture than the ones we are used to. It almost tastes and feels like Honeycomb cereal from when I was a kid. We even created our own cereal with the freeze dried bananas. Here are the magic night snack ingredients: little bit of rolled oats, good amount of freeze dried bananas, some peanuts, raisins, and soy/black sesame milk. It’s way healthier then processed cereal with chemicals, sugar, and other preservatives added. (The only thing is the bananas have a little oil.) I love our natural, whole food creation!

I did some workouts in this week at the gym in our Airbnb, and on the apartment rooftop with our new friends. It was great to workout, and it was crazy to workout in front of the mirrors! I couldn’t help staring at my prego belly, haha! During our travels my workouts have either been outside or at a CrossFit gym, and of course neither have mirrors. The last time I saw a mirror during my workout I was at 14 weeks with a flat stomach. It’s awesome to see at 23 weeks I still have some abdominal lines, haha, but also a big belly.

I love working out and feeling great, it almost feels like I am not pregnant. I would love to box jump and do other high intensity things, but I’d rather not risk it and just do what I feel 100% comfortable with. To see videos of the type of workouts I did, scroll down.

I haven’t noticed a change in my belly bump. I can still see my toes, and don’t have any stretch marks. I ran out of my Honest Belly Balm and have started to use coconut oil. One thing I did notice this week that it may be TMI (too much information) is I had a little milk leak on my breast. It happened twice during my naps. That was weird, but again, weird things happen when you are pregnant, haha!

Next week’s Prego Log will be exciting since we have a doctor appointment in Vietnam for my glucose test, and the end of my 24th week we will be in Rome, Italy.

To see all the activities we did this week, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out! I can’t believe we have already traveled 58 days!


Prenatal Workout Routine Sample

If you are not prego, please give these workouts a try! If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor first. Remember, I have been training for more than 20 years and everyone is different. If you need help I am certified as a prenatal/postnatal coach. You can contact me through darlenehealth.com!

Day 1:

In Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam on he rooftop at our Airbnb

14 min EMOM (every min of the minute):

– Odd minutes: 10 modified pregnancy burpee, then run 30m(ish) and back
– Rest the remaining minute, which was about 10 seconds each round
– Even minutes: 10 squat jumps, then run 30m(ish) and back
– Rest the remaining minute, which was about 30 seconds each round
*Give it a try even not pregnant! If prego please advice your doctor.


Day 2:

8 rounds of 5 reps each
– DB squat press
– DB shoulder press
– Bulgarian lunges
– Shoulder width deadlift upright row
– Wide leg deadlift bicep curl
– Single leg stand up
*The video only shows two reps of each move.


Day 3:

5 Rounds of 10 reps each
– reverse fly
– triceps kick back
– lateral raise
– curtsy lunge to side lunge kickback
– lunge pulses
*The video only shows three reps of each move.


Vegan Prenatal Meals for Week 23

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: 1/2 cup rolled oats, peanut butter, banana, and raisins

Meal 2: Apple and dried sweet potato

Meal 3: We cooked pho noodle soup for a couple of days and the last two days made bahn mi tofu sandwiches.

Meal 4: Dried jackfruit or our cereal creation: little bit of rolled oats, good amount of freeze dried bananas, some peanuts, raisins, and soy/black sesame milk.

Meal 5: This changed a lot depending where we went, but mostly Vietnamese food which was rice noodles, tofu, and veggies, spring rolls, or a clay pot meal.

Meal 6: Our cereal creation again! We love it!

Vegan Vietnamese Food for Pregnancy

We made this!

Vegan Vietnamese Food for Pregnancy

And this!

Vegan Vietnamese Food for Pregnancy

Our new obsession!

Vegan Vietnamese Food for Pregnancy Vegan Vietnamese Food for Pregnancy