Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 21

This week we were in Chiang Rai, Thailand. I am now finished the 21st week of my pregnancy. Each week I have noticed when we go to a different city and I have to put on my hiking backpack I can tell that my belly grew by the straps of the buckle…I can’t buckle myself anymore and need to adjust it each week. It’s not just the belly, but also the chest, haha!

21 Weeks Pregnant Vegan
It’s really crazy to think six weeks ago when we we started our trip my belly was flat, and now I can just barely see my toes, haha. Based on babycenter.com the baby is the size of a carrot—about 10 1/2 inches from head to heel, and weighs about three quarters of a pound. (Although a few weeks ago she weighed that according to the doctor’s ultrasound in Krabi.) So if I go based on the 22 weeks status, she weighs about a pound now. Since we are having a girl, her vagina has begun to form. Her eyebrows and lids are also present now, and I am feeling her kick!

The first day of my 21st week was weird. In the morning I felt like I was having morning sickness. I couldn’t finish my usual breakfast and had a strange tummy ache. We went out for lunch and I couldn’t eat my vegan burrito either. It tasted great, but it had a smell that body didn’t like, so I didn’t eat it. I napped for a couple of hours, then puked up my lunch in the evening. I felt kind of better, so I wanted to eat something light and got toast with vegan butter and a kale, ginger, mango, banana smoothie for the vitamins and iron. However, 15 minutes after I finished my meal I puked it out. It was weird. The following day my stomach felt fine, but I had a headache all day. I guess I had my first pregnancy morning sickness? It didn’t feel like a food poisoning at all, so I guess there are days when you are pregnant things just happen.

Vegan Pregnancy Week 21For lunch this week I ate mostly different noodle soups. We found a really good vegan restaurant and the flavors were so amazing we ended up getting two bowls of soup each a few times. The bowls only cost about .99 cents each, and they were big bowls too. Each day they had a different kind of soup with soy protein. We even found a really good Indian restaurant for dinner. I didn’t had my usual smoothie cravings this week, but I still made sure to have some fruit for snack. Also, our little girls loves banana…she kicks every time I eat them!

We paid a couple extra dollars per night and stayed at a really nice, clean hotel for my comfort and by the allergy doctor’s request. The cough is still there, but it’s less, not so deep, and more comfortable. I hope it’s a sign that it will get better. We stayed pretty chill this week and went to two hikes to different waterfalls, saw a crazy place called the White Temple, and explored the small city finding all the vegan restaurants. Chiang Rai is less touristy, quiet, cleaner, and there aren’t many vegan restaurants, but enough for us to be happy and satisfied.

Vegan Pregnancy Week 21

My workouts were minimum, mostly because we didn’t set the alarm clock. We like to work out early in the morning—around 7am-8am, eat breakfast, and start our day. We have been waking up at 8am, and from there we feel lazy so we skipped the workouts and started our morning with activities. We are at the point where we miss the gym and miss the weights. We may actually end up sucking it up and paying for the cost of a gym in Bangkok. We shall see with the vibes we get when we arrive.

This week I had random locals wanting to touch my belly. It’s kind of funny, so I don’t mind. I think it’s cute that I have little Thai women smile and happy for us. Overall I still don’t feel prego until I look at myself in the mirror, and then just amazed that I have a little human in me. It’s still doesn’t feel real and I still can’t believe how fast five months flew by. I think traveling helps the time go by and keeps me distracted—except when I have prego moments, haha. For example…the time we were going to make our morning oatmeal and I grabbed my folded up jacket instead of the bowls and spoons and didn’t realize until we were halfway down the flight of stairs.

Well, that is all on my 21st week Prego Log. If you have a friend that is pregnant, please share! Also, if you have any tips or advice, please share. To see all the activities we did, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out and can see my belly bump in action! Below I shared a sample of my meals and workouts.

Prenatal Workout Routine Sample

Day 1:

Stretched for 5-10 minutes

(8 rounds of 4 movements. Each round consists of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Complete all 8 rounds of a movement before switching to the next.)

Moves were with bands…
– Caterpillar walks push-up
– Squat with heel raises on top (Prego brain…I forgot to do the heel raises on the video, which makes your booty burn more!)
– High plank mountain climber
– Squat hold with side step to back step (Booty burn!)

Day 2 :

Waterfall Workout
(No set numbers, just moving around.)

– Squat to deadlift (bodyweight with my day pack)
– Side lunge to balance
– Modified single leg squats

Vegan Prenatal Meals for Week 21

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: 1/2 cup rolled oats and banana, or muesli with rice milk and banana. Less fruit this time, since our hotel didn’t provide it for free as breakfast.

Meal 2: Fruit, dried mango, dried jackfruit, banana chips, etc.

Meal 3: Awesome noodle soup!

Meal 4: Fruit, dried mango, dried jackfruit, banana chips, banana rollups, or fried banana (Not healthy, and I had it twice! So good though, and the baby kicked, so I think she liked it too!)

Meal 5: Rice with vegetables, pad Thai with tofu, or Indian food…vegetable samosas, chana masala, vegetable masala, paratha bread with potatoes and peas, and lentil soup

Meal 6: Sticky rice with mango or or muesli with rice milk and banana

Vegan Pregnancy Meals Vegan Pregnancy Meals Vegan Pregnancy Meals Vegan Pregnancy Meals