Darlene’s Prego Log – Week 17

I just finished my 17th week of pregnancy. Right now our baby girl is the size of a pear—about five inches from head to rump, and weighs about 5oz. On barycenter.com it says her bones are changing from rubbery cartilage to hardened bone. Her sweat glands started to develop, even though she won’t need them for a while. Also, her umbilical cord connected to the placenta is thickening.

This week my baby bump is showing, and after I eat it really shows! I haven’t been able to weigh myself since we are traveling and don’t have access to a scale, so I guess I will find out when I get my 20 week checkup in Thailand. I am not worried about it because I do see my belly growing and have been eating plenty.

17 Weeks Pregnant Vegan

My appetite has been a lot better too. In previous weeks I had trouble finishing my plate or eating certain vegetables at all, and now I have no problem. I still do not have any major cravings—just normal patterns of wanting to eat. I am glad that I don’t have any specific cravings since I am traveling and it’s not easy to say I want tacos or pizza or whatever. (Although I did have some great pizza here in Bali…twice!) One thing I have been wanting more every day is some type of juice or smoothie. It’s more because it’s so hot and humid though, so I want something cold. I am normally like that even when I’m not prego. Luckily Bali has tons of fresh fruit, so juice is easy to get, and it’s pretty cheap and delicious! My main go-to choices for juices and smoothies are mango or pineapple, or mixed with banana, mango, and pineapple. To see what I’ve been eating in Bali, check it out below!

So let’s get personal about my 17 week pregnancy. This week we are in Candidasa, Bali and it’s gorgeous. Our activities have been mellow, nothing extreme at all. I was hoping to snorkel this week, but the conditions weren’t great because of high winds. On my 16th week I almost went white water rafting, with my doctor’s approval. We asked her and she said if I am up for it it, then I could go. I only wanted to go if the rapids were a class two—something mellow. The day before we booked the rafting trip they said it was a level two, but the morning they picked us up to hit the water they said it might be level three or four, but they wouldn’t know until we got to the location. Well, I panicked and didn’t want to take a chance, so we decided to leave.

We have basically just drove the moped to different temples and waterfalls, cruised around town, and scoped out some new beaches. Riding on the motorbike as the passenger has been smooth and comfortable. Riding in a car doesn’t feel too comfortable though for some odd reason.

If you read my previous Prego Log from weeks 14-6 you’ll know I have caught a little cold. I am feeling better, but have this cough that is lingering around. It comes and goes, but when it comes it’s an extremely intense, deep cough. Whenever I get sick I usually have this annoying cough, but I haven’t been sick like this in years. I guess when you are pregnant your immune system is weaker, and obviously that long, 40-hour travel day to get overseas didn’t help.

Amed, Bali | Powr Cupl

I mentioned above let’s get personal, so that means you might get TMI (too much information). With my extremely intense deep cough, it also means I can’t control my leaking, haha! I heard that is normal, but it’s not fun. So what I have started to do was taking my own advice that I tell my other pregnant clients to do—do kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are an extremely easy exercise that can be done anywhere like eating, chatting with people, sitting, etc. I do my kegel exercises while riding on the motorbike, haha. While I am sitting and enjoying the view, I multitask.

What is kegels? Kegels is an exercises that strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. It helps prevent urine leaks during and after pregnancy. It also helps speed healing after childbirth if you have stitches.

How to do it: Imagine you are trying to stop the flow of your urine midstream. You tighten up the muscles around the vagina. Use the “squeeze and lift” technique, only using your pelvic floor muscle while your abs, glutes, and leg muscles are relaxed. Do not hold your breath. Hold for about 8 to 10 seconds, then release. Do them in sets of 10, and try to them 3 to 4 sets a day.

Traveling While Pregnant

Speaking of exercises, I have been more consistent with my workouts since I have found my travel routine and we found a good vibe on the place we were staying. Also, I did have a minor low back pain in my sciatic area for one day. Bali has extremely deep steps and stairs, so it may be a combo of that, the motorbike, and and being pregnant. I started to stretch it that day and it got better the next day. Since that day I have been consistent on my glute and low back stretches to prevent any future pains as my belly starts to grow more. Below I posted my workouts with some video clips that you can try out your own.

Well, that is all on my 17 week Prego Log. To see all the activities we have done, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out and can see my belly bump grow! Below I shared a sample of my meals and workouts.


Prenatal Workout Routine Sample:

Day 1:

Stretched for 5-10 minutes, especially focused on my lower back.

7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
– 5 nose divers
– 6 high step ups
– 10 inclined mountain climbers

The timer went off on my eighth round right when I finished step ups, but I completed the round anyway.

Day 2:

Stretched for 5-10 minutes, especially focused on my lower back.

10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
– 10 dips
– 10 squat band step
– 10 modified burpees

I started my sixth round finished four squat steps, so five complete rounds.

Day 3:

Stretched for 5-10 minutes, especially focused on my lower back.

Butt workout!

6 Rounds
– 4  modified pistols to side lunge
– 3 curtsy lunge step up to front lunge (each leg)
– 10 squat band kick back


Meals for Week 17

Morning: USANA brand prenatal vitamins, DHA, B12

Meal 1: 1/2 cup rolled oats, banana, papaya, fresh coconut meat, 1/8 cup mixture of flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds. Also, after my oatmeal, more fruit like watermelon, pineapple, and oranges.

Meal 2: Go Macro bar or trail mix

Meal 3: We go out to eat, so it varies, but mostly getting a juice mixture of pineapple, mango, banana. Some days we had vegetable pizza with no cheese, a vegan burrito, or fried rice with vegetables.

Meal 4: Go Macro bar, trail mix, or fried rice with vegetables.

Meal 5: We go out to eat, so it varies too. Mostly we have been eating a famous Balinese dish called gado gado, which has tempeh, tofu, vegetables, rice, and balinese peanut sauce. Or we have been having fried tofu, vegetables, rice, and balinese sauce, another Bali dish called nasi goreng with fried rice or noodles, vegetables, and tofu.

Vegan Pregnancy FoodVegan Pregnancy Food Vegan Pregnancy Food